6 Weeks Pregnancy Tips for an Awesome Pregnancy with God!

Whoohoo, you’re 6 weeks now!

In today’s video we pray for baby’s development, talk about how you want to approach this pregnancy, how to rest well and enjoy this season, and some natural remedies for heartburn.

Some great questions to think about this week as you spend time with God:

*What kind of mom do I want to be during this pregnancy? 

*God, what are you calling me to during this pregnancy?

*God, how do you want me to position myself and my mind and heart during this pregnancy?

If you’re struggling a bit to hear God or feel confident that it’s Him talking to you when you ask Him these questions, I encourage you to read my blog: How to Hear God’s Voice For Your Birth. 

I also talk about resting well and honoring this first trimester in the video above. This is so important to fully ENJOY the gift that God created pregnancy to be. For more encouragement and truth in this area, check out my blog Slowing Down and Enjoying the Gifts of Pregnancy and Womanhood. 

Ok, that’s all for this week! Bless you and I’ll see you at 7 Weeks!

Much love,


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