How To Hear God’s Voice for Your Birth

Above all the research you do, the books you read, and the advice you get, the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to know during your pregnancy and birth is what God is saying to you.

His wisdom far surpasses google, the documentary you watched, and your mom’s well-meaning advice. He knows you and your baby intimately and has a beautiful plan for your pregnancy and birth if you will trust Him and follow His voice.

I recently talked with a good friend who’s had three AMAZING supernatural births! I asked her what advice she had for moms who long to have births like hers, and she replied,

“Seek God’s voice! Journal throughout the pregnancy and write down what God is saying about your baby and your birth. We live by the voice of the Lord and we birth by the voice of the Lord. He gave me really specific words and instructions for each birth and I just followed His leading with each of them.”

For this last birth, that even meant following God’s leading to a hospital birth when she much preferred the home births of her other children. But she heard God asking her to birth this baby at the hospital with Him, and she laid down her fears and preferences and said yes.

And it’s so beautiful to hear of the hospital staff who were blessed and touched by God because of her yes and the witness she was to them during the birth! (I’ll be recording a podcast soon with her whole story in it, along with lots of other inspiring stories from moms – so stay tuned!).

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to listen to God’s voice throughout your pregnancy and birth. He is the BEST midwife, doctor, chiropractor, and labor coach. He knows exactly what your body needs, what your baby needs, and how He wants to spread His Kingdom through your story.

Before I dive into some tips for hearing God’s voice, let me give you a few areas I recommend listening to Him in:

1. Your pregnancy: How does He want you to take care of yourself during this season? What does He want you eating? What does He want you reading? What does He want your focus to be these 9 months? What does He want your schedule to look like? How does He see your body during this time?

2. Your baby: What is He saying about your baby? What they carry? Their personality? What they need from you as a mom? How is He calling you to interact with them in the womb? What is He saying about their destiny or calling? Does He have a name for them?

3. Your Labor & Birth: Does He have a specific place He wants you to deliver? Which caregiver would be best for you? Does He have a theme for your birth? A certain Scripture for the birth? A specific tip for your labor? A posture He wants you take during the birth (for example, a posture of worship, of receiving his love, of surrender, etc).

4. Medical Decisions: There can be a myriad of medical decisions that need to be made throughout your pregnancy and birth, and they can feel scary and overwhelming if you don’t take them to God and get his words and peace. Strep b, shots, induction, epidurals, breech babies, c-sections, bladder infections, VBACS, and the list goes on and on of things that might pop up. Your doctor may suggest things, but you can make decisions in peace by hearing God’s leading on each situation that comes your way. Ask Him what’s best for you and your baby. He’ll lead you!

5. The Postpartum Time: Bring your sleep questions to God, your nursing issues, your confusion when you don’t know why baby is crying, and everything else that comes your way during the postpartum time. How does God want you to take care of yourself? What specifically does your baby need? He will guide you through this transition and on through your whole journey of motherhood!

Ok, so how do we hear his voice in these areas? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Make time to listen to Him! It’s so much easier to hear Him when our minds are quiet and we’re not racing through the day. So put some soaking music on, quiet your mind and heart, worship Him, and then ask Him questions and listen! He loves to speak to you – so trust that He will meet you as you carve out space to talk to Him.

2. When you hear something, trust that it’s probably Him! Doubt is one of the biggest things that keeps us from hearing God’s voice. We ask God a question, an answer runs through our head, but we think, “Oh, that was probably just me.” But the Holy Spirit lives inside you now and the main way He speaks to you is INSIDE YOU. His voice often is a thought that runs through your mind. So I challenge you to trust, “That was probably God” instead of thinking “That was probably just me.” If you are seeking God’s wisdom and asking a question, then what runs through your heart or mind next is probably HIM! So go with it – especially if His peace accompanies it! And if it’s not Him, He’s big enough to correct you and make that clear later.

3. Start with easy questions. Start out by asking him every hour throughout the day, “Jesus, how do you feel about me right now?” Trust that the first thought that goes through your mind is probably Him. Let Him lavish His words of love on you every hour and you’ll start to realize how easy it is to hear Him throughout the day. You’ll start to recognize His still small voice. THEN, when you have a bigger question to ask him pertaining to your pregnancy and birth, you’ll feel more confident to recognize that same voice you’ve been listening to all day.

4. Listen for His voice everywhere! He might speak with His still small voice, in a dream, through another person, through nature, through a vision, through a deep peace, or any other variety of ways! Just keep asking Him your questions and be open to how He answers!

5. Join my Online Kingdom Childbirth Class where we dive into God’s heart for your birth and I empower you to hear His specific words and promises for your birth!

6. Get the Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album (this comes as part of the Kingdom Birth Class, but you can also buy it separate). This album includes a Jesus encounter to empower you to hear His specific words and promises for your birth! Listen to this encounter as many times as you want throughout your pregnancy and labor!

7. Lastly… declare what God has spoken about you and your birth! Click the image below to get a Free PDF Download of Birth Declarations you can print out and look at to prepare for your birth!

You got this, Beloved! God loves you more than you have any idea and He longs to guide you through your pregnancy and birth with his life-giving words! He lives in you and is so excited to speak to you and be a part of this entire journey!

Would love hear the things God is speaking to you about your birth! Share them in the comment section below!

Excited for your beautiful birth,




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  • Nikole Opiyo

    I love this! I really sought God’s voice for my second birth as for my first birth i felt like I didn’t involve him at all. From the beginning, I sought His heart for the labour and delivery. He really impressed on my heart to be praying for a complication free birth. My first birth was rather complicated and I wanted to know that my body could have a fairly normal birth. Well, He delivered and my birth went completely complication free! I also spent lots of time resting and enjoying my first born knowing my time alone with her would end. One of my biggest worries was the postpartum period having a newborn and a 17 month old. I kept wondering how I would survive! But I spent lots of time preparing (meals in the freezer, organizing clothes, asking for help from friends and family) and then when my second daughter was born, it felt like such a breeze having two! It was so amazing. God is good. Seek Him indeed!

    • I love this Nikole! Thanks so much for sharing! Love, love, love that He gave you a complication free birth and I especially love that the postpartum time and 2 kids felt like a breeze! That’s definitely GOD!!! Thank you Jesus for all the amazing ways you bless us in our births and mommyhood. You are good!

  • Kaylan

    Hey Kierra, where can I find the podcast and others if you have any?

    • Hi Kaylan, I’m hoping to release the podcast later this month or in Aug. It took a bit longer to put it all together than I had expected, but it’s coming!!!! Will definitely let you know when it’s released!