What is God’s Heart for Your Birth?

The enemy is so sneaky in they way he lies to us and gets us to start doubting the goodness of God’s heart and intentions towards us (especially in the area of birth).

He did it with Eve…”Did God really say you would die? He just doesn’t want you to become like him. He’s actually holding out on you. His intentions towards you aren’t as good as you think.”

Eve bought the lie and greatly suffered as a result. And sadly, we often buy it too.

The enemy is still up to his tricks and loves to cast doubt in our hearts today about birth and God’s heart for us during birth.

So today I want to destroy one of his common lies to us!

It’s the lie that God wants you to suffer during childbirth.

 Watch the video above to hear the TRUTH of the goodness of God’s heart for your birth and all that He wants to bless you with!

Listen to Him share the beautiful gift that He wants birth to be for you!

And if you want help learning HOW to enjoy your birth with Him, check out my Online Kingdom Childbirth Class!

God’s heart for your birth is SO GOOD! Don’t let the enemy convince you otherwise.

And if you want more, here’s another great video about God’s heart for your birth: What REALLY Happened at the Fall Regarding Childbirth.

Would love to hear your thoughts & comments below :).

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  • Angie Taylor

    Yes, 100 times, yes! This blog post was “suggested” on my Facebook page and I’m very hesitant to fill my mind with things that don’t align with my beliefs (especially being 39 weeks pregnant), which I thought this might be…but I felt nudged to go ahead and click on it. So glad I did! God has shared every word you said with me as well and it could not be more true! In Galatians, the Bible tells us that God has redeemed us from the curse and we have been applying this and walking in His power in every area of our lives for the past 4 years, which we first learned through childbirth! I have had 2 joyous births pain free and am very much looking forward to baby #3 in a few days! It is a glorious experience that my husband and I will forever cherish. You might also enjoy reading Jackie Mize’s book, Supernatural Childbirth. Thank you for sharing your heart…so glad I “clicked”! And thank you, Jesus, for your magnificent and precious work on the cross so that we might truly live peaceful and fear-free lives for your glory!

    • Aw, thanks so much for sharing Angie! That’s so awesome! Yay, I LOVE that you’ve had 2 supernatural pain-free births! And so excited for your next one coming up!!! Would you be interested in sharing your stories on my “Birth Stories” page? I’m collecting awesome birth stories of God showing up in beautiful ways so that pregnant moms can read them and be encouraged and have their faith stirred for their own births! Would love to put your stories on there if you’re interested in sharing them to encourage others. Yes, I’ve ready Supernatural Childbirth and loved it too! And I talk about all of that in my Kingdom Childbirth Class that I teach online. Bless you sweet Mama in your upcoming birth!!! So encouraged by you today!!!! Thanks for your beautiful heart and faith!