Hope and God’s Goodness in the Midst of Our Miscarriage

On Thursday November 10th at 12.5 weeks pregnant, we sadly lost our little one to a miscarriage. It’s been a sad journey for us full of grieving and tears, but also one filled with amazing hope and revelation from Heaven. 

I have been rocked by the goodness of God these past two weeks and even though I still grieve and cry at moments throughout the day, His goodness truly feels like the greater reality I’m living in each moment. 

I pray your heart is so encouraged by the video above as I share about the hope we are walking in and the powerful journey God has had us on these past two weeks. 

In the video, I mention that one of the biggest sources of encouragement to us through this journey has been listening to Jesse Duplantis talk about his experience in Heaven. We’ve loved hearing him talk about the miscarried and aborted babies he saw there and how as parents we will still get to raise them there and have them in our family. And hearing one of his conversations with Jesus while he was there has definitely changed my life forever. 

I also mention in the video above that this song “King of my Heart” has been really powerful during this time. Truly, God is so good and He’s never going to let us down. These truths have never felt more real than during these past two weeks. I’m truly overwhelmed by His goodness.

There will never be words to express how good He is. Always. Now and forever. He is good. 

And people may think, “How could a good God let this happen?”

Or… “How can you say He’ll never let you down? Didn’t he let you down by letting your baby die?” 

But the truth is, no not at all. That honestly hasn’t even crossed by mind. What I’ve been so aware of is how good He is and that He was willing to suffer more than I’ll ever know so that my baby and I can spend forever in Heaven with Him. He didn’t have to do that. My separation from Him and my separation from my baby could have been permanent. That’s what I deserve. 

But He’s so good and so full of grace and unquenchable love that He was willing to pay any price to make sure my children and I could be reunited together with Him in paradise forever. 

I’m blown away by that. I’m humbled. And I’m so thankful it brings me to tears. No, He will truly never let me down. He hasn’t yet and He never will. And I will forever be left speechless at His extravagant, undeserved goodness and love. 

Thank you Jesus! Thank you for life. For salvation. For Heaven. For your grace. For your sacrifice. For my kids – all of them! For your presence. For your goodness. And for the incredible eternity you have waiting for us. 

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving Holiday, my heart feels overwhelmed with more thankfulness than I’ve felt in a long time. I love you Lord. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for who you are, what you’ve done, and all that you’ve given me. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Thanks for being on this journey with us,

Kierra & Family – all 5 of us 🙂 

If you’ve experienced a miscarriage and God’s encouragement or hope through it, I’d love for you to comment and share below. Other moms may be super blessed by it!

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  • Brenda Emmert

    Kierra! Thank you! As I was awake with my 5 month old at 4am last night I got your email and watched your video. Through tears I felt the goodness of God and truth flooded my heart. We experienced 5 miscarriages and you so beautifully articulated deep emotions in my heart that I feel about God’s goodness even in the most difficult of times.
    Grateful for you and our littles at His feet! Our story is here if interested…
    So touched,
    Brenda Emmert

    • Wow Brenda, I just watched your story. So heartbreaking and beautiful. I cried through your video as well – with both sadness and then joy. Thank you so much for sharing your story. If you would ever be interested in sharing your story on my podcast, I’d love to have you on it. I think it would encourage a lot of people – especially those struggling with multiple miscarriages. Bless you and your little ones!

      • Brenda Emmert

        Hi, Kierra! So sorry for the delayed response. I’d be so honored to help in anyway or be a part of a podcast! It’s my joy to declare God’s faithfulness and hope!❤

        • Thank you so much! I think your story would encourage so many moms. Let’s try to record sometime in January. Can you email me at [email protected] and I will write you back and give you the info about being on the podcast? Blessings to you!

  • Elisha Williams

    May Abba Father continue to bring you closer to him during this season. May you be blessed with beauty for ashes. May the Holy Spirit overwhelm you and your family with his loving presence until your hearts heal.
    I pray this for you Kierra in The wonderful name of Jesus.

    • Thank you so much! He has definitely been with us! He is good :).

  • Kris Lund

    I first saw your video back in November. My third daughter was stillborn at 41 weeks in November 2015. Hearing your process of loss around the one year anniversary of her death was helpful. I am now almost a month away from having our next baby and have been revisiting your material. I found you right before I delivered our third daughter and God truly blessed me with a beautiful birth With her even knowing I was not going to get to bring her home. It was not pain free but it was about the closest to my Lord I have ever felt. I truly had to depend completely on Him and He was faithful to allow me a birth that was healing for my loss. I have been able to travel this subsequent pregnancy largely without fear. I was beginning to feel anxious approaching this last month or so and began the emotional preparation. I am now getting excited to birth my next baby along with my Savior with the confidence that He will carry me through it. I am so thankful for the gift and passion God has placed in you for birth and helping women through such a beautiful time. I pray for continued healing for you also. The hope of seeing our children again is such a comfort.

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing! Praying for such a beautiful, joy-filled birth for you this coming month! He is so faithful, so good, and such a wonderful redeemer and healer. Bless you!!!! Would love to hear how He meets you after the birth! And if you’d like to share your stories on my podcast at any point, I’m sure moms would be blessed by them!