Don’t Miss Out On Your Gift!

Dear Beautiful Mama, Have you ever noticed that when we know something is a gift, we enjoy it more?   For example… – What if someone told you that sex is one of your duties as a wife verses an extravagant love gift from God? Would the same act of sex feel different with each of those mindsets?   – Or how about washing the family car verses washing the NEW car you got for your birthday? A little more fun to wash the birthday gift?   – Or what about Read More

What kind of mom do you want to be?

I recently returned from my mother-in-law’s memorial service and WOW, what an incredible mom she was! Mom to nine biological kids, plus all the neighborhood kids and lots of women in her church, she somehow always had time for everyone, always had a song in her heart and on her lips, kept her laughter and spunk (even up to age 86), and provided a safe place for everyone to share the deep things on their hearts.  As we shared stories, laughed, sang, and cried celebrating this beautiful woman and mother, I Read More

How do I process and find freedom from a negative birth experience?

One of the hardest things for a mom to go through is a traumatic, negative, or disappointing birth experience. I know first-hand what that disappointment and pain can feel like, and it’s SO IMPORTANT to go through the healing process to find freedom from that experience! If you don’t, it can continue to affect your relationship with God, your husband, your children, AND future birth experiences. So today I’m going to share some keys on how to find healing from a negative birth experience in the video above. If you Read More