Birth Stories

God loves birth and He loves showing up at births! He’s so unique in the way He shows up at each baby’s birth – no two stories are ever the same. But they are beautiful and special and heavenly.

This page is devoted to providing wonderful birth stories for you to watch and be encouraged by. As you listen to different mom’s stories, I pray that you are blessed and that you start getting excited about your own personal birth story and how God is going to show up and bless it!

I will continue populating this page with fresh birth stories so keep checking back in! Also, if you have an encouraging story to tell, feel free to record it in 5 min or less or write it up and send it to me! I’m sure that many others would be blessed to hear it!

My Birth Story With Luke – The “Heavenly” Birth

Alexis’ Supernatural Birth Story

Ashley’s Beautiful, Empowering 40-Hour Birth!

Ashely Ladd

My labor was very long and very beautiful. For 40 hours I labored for my baby and I wouldn’t take away a single moment. I had a home birth with a midwife and doula. It was the most beautiful and intimate experience I’ve ever had, both with the Lord and with my husband. I experienced supernatural strength when I was weak. I was able to sleep in between contractions giving me much needed rest. I felt the Creator God so closely giving me peace that everything was just as it should be…that my body was working as it needed and that my baby was healthy and waiting in His sweet Presence to meet me. I remember a lot of joy and laughing with those closest to me in between contractions. I worked hard for that perfect moment when my baby Owen was placed on my chest. It was the most empowering experience and that feeling that I can conquer any giant hasn’t left me. I have never felt more powerful or more beautiful since having my baby.

Thank you Kierra! I am confident that I have the birth story I have in large part because of you…you and your Kingdom birth class filled me up with so much hope and encouragement…you set me up for success.

Ashley’s Supernatural Birth Story

Rachel’s Birth Story – How God met her during the labor

 Katie’s Birth Story of Peace and Joy



Melissa’s Spirit-Filled, Supernatural Homebirth

Melissa Coe

Hi mamas and mamas to be! My name is Melissa, and I am honored to share my birth story with you all, and pray that God gives you great comfort as you approach your birth. We were blessed to have a beautiful, and Spirit-filled homebirth, with great care providers and believers by our side. Instead of sharing with you how my labor started, and progressed, I wanted to focus on three areas in which God was so clearly present throughout this journey.

1) God proved me wrong and humbled me in so many ways:

Let me preface by saying that I am a birth & postpartum doula, and over the years I have acquired a lot of knowledge, but also some opinions about birth, and I definitely was clinging on to this in the days and weeks prior to giving birth. As a first time mom, I thought FOR SURE I would be on the late side. I was so convinced that I encouraged my mother (who was very excited to be there for the birth!) to come a few days before my guess date. Well, my son came 9 days early, and this truly was a gift from God, as I was caught off guard, and never had time to become anxious, eagerly awaiting his arrival. Sadly, my mother missed the birth by a couple of hours, even though she hopped on a plane as quickly as she could that day.

I was also quite certain that as a first time mom, that my labor would be long. Again, God proved me wrong. My labor in total was 11 hours (4 hours of early labor, 4 hours of active labor, 3 hours of pushing). Things progressed so quickly that I had no choice but to surrender and trust God as He allowed my body to dilate quickly and easily.

Lastly, I was stubborn in my belief that birth is painful. Not that women have to suffer, but that there is an element of pain. I had been skeptical of the idea of pain-free birth, while understanding that God can do and freely give anything! I guess I just didn’t want to believe it to be true, so as not to be disappointed. However, about two weeks before I gave birth, I prayed to God asking him for a Supernatural birth. I laid out all the desires of my heart, and asked him for a birth free from pain, but if pain was needed to be present as part of His plan, and something that he wanted for me (a healthy trial or challenge to draw me closer to Him), I would accept this with open arms. My biggest prayer was that I wanted to really enjoy my labor, and in turn be used as a walking testimony for how wonderful birth can be. I have always felt that this is God’s birth anyway, and I am the vessel. This is His child, and He is present at every birth, for every one of his precious miracles. I remember the first birth I attended as a doula….my legs were shaking, as there was so much of God’s power in that delivery room.

God absolutely blessed me with a supernatural birth, and I would not call any of the sensations I felt in labor, pain. I did not associate that whole experience with pain at all. It truly was hard work, and I was totally exhausted by the end of it, but I felt the Holy Spirit surging through me in the deepest of contractions, especially when pushing, and my legs were shaking. An absolute peace and calm came over my body in those moments, and I was gifted with many wonderful hormones during the labor as well. It was a wild ride, intense, powerful, big and bold, and I definitely felt the pressure of baby moving down, but I also felt incredible! I absolutely LOVED giving birth.

2) God answered my prayers and resolved all of my challenges

At 37 weeks pregnant I found out I was GBS positive, and the following week my midwife was checking the position of the baby and noticed that he turned posterior (which could mean a lot of back labor, longer labor, or potential for baby to be stuck). I felt so defeated. I had taken so many probiotics in pregnancy, and ate a clean diet to combat GBS, and was walking every night, doing yoga and Webster technique from my chiropractor to keep baby in an optimal position! How could this happen?! This was a great opportunity to depend on my Savior, without question. In addition to praying, I began to take action steps to fight the GBS on my own, as I was not feeling good about taking the antibiotics because of my own negative reactions to several medications, including antibiotics. However, my plan was to re-test with the midwives the following week, and if I was still positive, I would take the antibiotics in labor. When I went into labor, I still had not known the results of the second test. God intervened, and the decision was truly made for me, as my labor progressed so quickly that there wasn’t even time for the antibiotics. My midwife arrived when I was 9 cm, and I had a strong urge to bear down. My water bag was still intact, and remained that way until 10 cm, and my baby was born within a few hours (care providers want to begin antibiotics at least 4 hours before delivery). It was likely that I still was GBS positive, but God protected my son from this, and my baby could not have been healthier. In addition to these challenges, we had some light meconium present when my bag of waters broke on its own, and I thought we would have to transfer to the hospital, but instead my midwife asked me to get out of the birth pool so she could keep a better eye on me and the baby. From then on, no more meconium was ever spotted. Again, God’s fierce protection for us!

3) God healed me and allowed me to grieve

Another love gift came from God when I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I really didn’t tear while giving birth to my son. I had one small surface tear that did not even require a stitch. This was truly a blessing, as the cord was wrapped around my son’s neck twice, and he had his hand on his cute little face when he emerged. God showed me what he designed my body to do, and it was incredible. In my line of work, people are quick to say, “Trust your body!”, but I say, “Trust your Creator, because he created your body!”. My body did unbelievable things that day – spontaneous things that blew my mind! I felt like I was just along for the ride in many ways, and the body that the Lord gave me did not fail me.

As I mentioned, I had to get out of the tub at 10 cm when my little guy decided to poop himself. In the moment, I surrendered, wanting to do whatever was best for my baby, and although laboring in the water was heavenly, I did not look back. However, in the days and weeks after I gave birth, I definitely grieved the loss of “my dream plan” to have a waterbirth. This is what prompted us to consider homebirth, as none of the hospitals in my city provide waterbirth, and birth centers were considerably more expensive, and you leave the same day (often 4-6 hours after you give birth). God really comforted me about not having a waterbirth, and reminded me that this was also about what was best for my son, as he is a partner in the birth process as well. I was so attached to this idea of wanting my baby to be born in the water, and having a peaceful entrance to the world, not understanding that this could happen in a variety of ways! God showed me that birth is so many things, and beautiful no matter where it takes place, who is there, what position we deliver in, etc… It was a great first lesson in parenting as well, as I learned to let go, and let God work this out. And, He absolutely did. God never fails.

Wishing you all amazing birth experiences, and I pray that you start your conversations with God now about your fears, doubts, concerns, and also what your desires are for your birth! We can trust in our Lord, as he carried us this far, and gave us a tremendous gift in placing a child in our uterus in the first place. It is such an honor to be used by God, and carry forth His child, generously on loan to us!



Kerry’s Birth Story – “Yahweh” Breaths

Kelly Birth Story

I am an American living in Germany and was about to give birth to my fourth child. The list of risks was piling up against me: 10 days over my due date, baby was projected large, although I had two natural births, my third birth had been a c-section, dangers for a ruptured uterus or the baby’s shoulder getting stuck in the actual delivery process, and the list went on.

I was determined to experience the supernatural in my childbirth and was believing God for a natural childbirth despite the constant pressure to deliver per c-section.

My water broke on June 20, 2015, and despite having strong contractions, they were not close enough together to move the labor along.

On June 21, 2015 I started to feel discouragement.

Then on June 22, 2015 my husband, who had been a constant source of encouragement and strength, met me for breakfast. We had been in prayer all weekend and went again directly into prayer and it was powerful.

I went for the heartbeat check-up at 8:30am where I found out worse news than just being at 2cm. IN a contraction, my cervix would actually CLOSE instead of open! How was THAT possible?!?!

I felt like I was losing all of what I was standing on, the truths that God had planted in my heart. The next appointment was at 11am where it would be discussed how we would progress as the doctors were pushing for a c-section.

At 11 am my husband and I walked into an actual delivery room, where after some discussion, it was agreed that my contractions could be induced!

I actually thought what I was only “trying,” not actually going into labor. I kept thinking I would be doing this all day into the night.

I was having flashbacks to my first birth which also began with my water breaking, being induced, and a very slow progression of dilation. Here was the fear that entered in and bound the pain to the contractions.

However, after about half and hour, I was able, with the help of my husband, to find that stronghold where I could separate the pain from the fear into a place where there was no pain. Oh, it was amazing!

However, I could not hold that place. The more intense the contractions got, I seemed to be fearful of what could happen. My mind was a powerful instrument in the whole process. However, the name of God was constantly on my lips as I breathed Welcoming Breaths and told the Holy Spirit He could have His way in my body. My other breaths were Yahweh in syllables.

At one point near the end, at the height of the pain I was able to separate it again and it was as if everything stood still and I felt the Spirit of the Lord so present. I was able to whisper the name of God and feel everything except pain. Wow…

At this point I was checked and only at 6 cm, but within literally 5 minutes I was fully dilated and yelling that I MUST PUSH as my body had already started pushing.

I was then checked again and the midwives and doctor were rushed into place. I pushed out the baby in 5 pushes with NO tearing!

On June 22, 2015 at 2:22 pm we had a baby boy, 9 lbs. and 6 oz. absolutely healthy with NONE of the complications the hospital and doctors had been worried about. Amen!

Deborah’s Birth Story – A Beautiful Mess

Blissy's Birth Story

From the day that I found out I was pregnant with Judah I knew right away that I was going after a natural water birth. I was positive that I would bring Judah into this world as peaceful for him as I could make it…so I thought!

At my last check up at the birth center the midwife suddenly found that I had preeclampsia and sky high blood pressure (basically with this the mom and baby are in danger of a stroke). This was crazy because for the past 10 months my pregnancy had been totally healthy! I was more than ready to get into the water and deliver this baby boy! But instead I was immediately sent to the hospital.

This is when I felt my fear begin to rise, as I saw my dream birth slipping away from me, but they had to induce me to get Judah out as quick as possible. At this point I already felt like a failure. But I had peace knowing that at least I haven’t taken any pain meds and I’m seeing how strong I can be…well, sure enough later during the early labor I’m told “We highly advise that you get some epidural because the pain of the contractions is causing your blood pressure to rise and this is very risky for the baby right now”.

In the moment of them putting the epidural into my back all I could do was look at Jesus. Even though I was doing the best thing for Judah right then I honestly felt like I was being a bad mom. The hardest thing about all of this was that my family and some good friends where there to see me in this awful sate. Because after announcing to everyone “I’m going to have a natural water birth” you can’t help but feel defeated suddenly being in the complete opposite of what you had promised to yourself and your baby.

Honestly to this day I have carried shame from this. Though recently, what the Lord has shown me was that I have felt shame in not only bringing Judah here in a stressful way for him, but also because everyone at my delivery saw me in a weak and embarrassing state. I wanted the beautiful birth that I was prepared for, where I could be strong, but by living out the worst birthing experience and feeling weak and ashamed of myself in front of everyone; this made room for the Lord’s strength in me.

There’s just something about Jesus looking at you and saying “Wow you are so strong Deborah.” “Gosh do you look stunning right now.” “You are loving Judah so well by doing what the doctors are telling you to do.”

Truth is, it’s easy to love myself when I feel like a rockstar which was what I was prepared for with this hardcore no meds water birth. But when everything goes wrong and I feel ashamed of myself and still I hear Jesus telling me how awesome I am, now that’s what will touch you in a deep place!

In my weakness He is made strong. My birth experience was a total mess… But a beautiful mess! Jesus is so sweet and he has loved me so well. He takes our ashes and turns them into beauty and he takes our weakness and with his strength we are made strong.

It’s easy to love ourselves when we feel like rockstars. But what about when we feel ashamed of who we are? He loves us FULLY in those moments. If I could re-watch my birth through Jesus’ eyes, I would never call it anything but beautiful!

Angelina’s Birth Story – a Homebirth VBAC

Angelina Pic

The birth of my firstborn was in 2002. I was 12 days “overdue” so they induced me and 17 hours later performed a c-section due to failure to progress. I hated that I was so drugged up and exhausted that I couldn’t keep my eyes open when they brought her to me in the recovery room. My recovery was painful and after a week-long hospital stay I ended up having to leave my daughter in the NICU for another few days.

Fast-forward about 6 years and I had the honor of attending my best friend’s water birth. It was the first birth I had ever witnessed and it was so beautiful and peaceful. Her mother-in-law, a professional doula, talked her through every contraction. My eyes were opened to what birth could look like.

When I became pregnant with my second child in 2012, I knew that I wanted to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). Thankfully I was living in Ohio where the hospitals allow you that option. I eagerly read up on natural birth, different pain management techniques, and the risks and benefits of VBACs. I was especially encouraged after reading “Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth.” The first half of the book contains stories from moms who enjoyed their births and described them as empowering and even spiritual experiences. That sounded great to me! I found a great doula and received prenatal care from midwives who worked in the hospital.

However, all my preparation and birth plans were foiled when my water broke at 38 weeks gestation and I didn’t go into labor. The baby was posterior, just like my daughter had been, and wasn’t in the optimal position to get contractions going. After waiting over 24 hours to give my body a chance to go into labor with no luck, I went in to see my midwife. Just like my first birth, I was induced and had an epidural. Though this birth didn’t go as expected, I was thankful for a successful VBAC.

This year when I became pregnant with our third child, I knew having a home birth was the only way to get the birth experience I desired. Not to mention that we had moved back to California and our local hospitals do not allow VBACs. I wanted to be an active participant in labor and delivery versus just lying there and having everything happen to me. I kept repeating Ina May’s mantra “My body is not a lemon.” I had to believe that God made my body capable of birthing my children. I was completely at peace with my decision to plan a home birth but I had no clue if my body would cooperate. I worried that history would repeat itself and I wondered if this dream of having a quick and smooth natural birth was too much to ask for.

I hired a wonderful midwife and it was such a nice change to receive prenatal care in my home. I benefitted greatly from her health coaching and noticed such a difference in how good I felt when I was faithful to take my whole food vitamins and to eat a nutritious diet.

I also was so encouraged and full of faith after taking Kierra Blaser’s Kingdom Childbirth Class. Kierra reiterated what I felt which is that God wants birth to be a blessing and a gift and not something to fear. Even though I’d taken childbirth classes in previous pregnancies and also read many books on the subject, Kierra’s class was so informative and interesting as she not only went over the facts but also covered God’s heart for us and our babies with scriptures and personal testimonies. It was exactly what I needed to hear in order to feel ready for my birth. I loved listening to her CD that we took home which had a track of scriptures that filled me with peace as well as a track that helped me practice relaxing for labor. 

I am thrilled to report that my homebirth VBAC went smoothly and almost all of my prayers were answered:

– I didn’t go “overdue”

– My body went into labor on its own!

– My early labor contractions were painless and lasted about 5 hours

– The time from active labor (with contractions that hurt) to birth lasted about 6 hours! It was 3 hours into it before I was convinced that I was in active labor and should call my midwife. When she arrived and checked me I was already dilated to 9!

I never felt panicked or like giving up or that it was too much to handle. And I am a self-professed wuss when it comes to pain! It was pain with a purpose and I’m so thankful for those breaks in between the contractions! I got through them one at a time with the help of my wonderful husband and doula.

– Baby was in the correct birthing position – not posterior like the other two!

I didn’t tear! And he was 9 pounds!

– Baby and I were healthy!

– A perk of having a homebirth was that I got to invite as many people as I wanted. I invited our large, supportive family to be in the house during my labor and they hung out with our kids in the other room. At the end I invited them all in to witness the birth!


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