08| Jaimie: Trusting God for a VBAC After Three C-Sections

Jaimie Schrock Smaller

After three C-sections, Jaimie heard the Lord inviting her to trust Him for a VBAC with her 4th baby. It was a scary and lonely road at times when others didn’t support her or understand, but God was so faithful through it all. He led her step by step, helped her break out of fear and worry, and taught her to stand on His word above all else. 

The journey with God and her beautiful birth story transformed her forever and I pray her story and encouragement transforms you as well!

You can connect with Jaimie on Facebook at A VBAC Mom and her Journey and here are some other resources she recommends:

VBACfacts.com – Empowering, unbiased facts about VBACs that will build your knowledge and help you make the best decision for you and your family. 

ICAN (International Cesarian Awareness Network) – This organization gave Jaimie a list of providers in her area that might support her in a VBAC. They also were a great resource to teach her how to speak to providers. 

Thank you so much Jaimie for sharing your heart and story with us! 

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  • Elisha Williams

    I I have had four unnecessary forced cesarean sections . My first C-section was because my daughters heart rate was low during labor, but I believe I was progressing fine before I had the epidural . I was 5 Centimeters, then I receive an epidural and my labor completely stopped ! No contractions and no more dilation . I was 18 at the time and scared. The doctors came in and encouraged me to give up and receive a C-section. After that we tried for a vbac with our second child but my doctor was not supportive and again encourage me to just get the cesarean section. He even told me it’s a lot easier than pushing .. My third pregnancy was an emotional roller coaster. I didn’t even ask for. a vbac. I just went in and got a cesarean section the recovery was very very painful our last child I went into labor with him early we rushed to the hospital and again I was given a cesarean section. They didn’t even see how far I dilated . While on the table open my doctor tied my tubes. My doctor said the scarring on my uterus and fallopian tubes and lower intestines was so bad from the previous cesarean sections that it was best for her to tie my tubes so that I would never conceive again ! Well my youngest son is 7 years old and now I feel the calling to have another child sadly I went to my doctor and she told me that she could not reverse my tubal ligation because she removed such a large portion of the tube there will be nothing left to reconnect she also told me because of my previous surgeries that it would be very unwise to get pregnant again and have to be cut again but something inside of me is telling me that I can conceive again I am praying for a miraculous conception. I’ve heard of women conceiving after tubal ligations. If God grants us this desire I will birth at home. Im 31 years old and very healthy. I am also very fertile. I know my body can conceive and give birth supernaturally .

    • Wow, so sorry for your journey! But you’re right – God can do anything :). I’ve heard testimonies of women getting pregnant who had had hysterectomies before. Nothing is impossible for Him :). Or who knows, maybe he’ll bring you another baby through another surprise means as well. Bless you!