How do I process and find freedom from a negative birth experience?

One of the hardest things for a mom to go through is a traumatic, negative, or disappointing birth experience. I know first-hand what that disappointment and pain can feel like, and it’s SO IMPORTANT to go through the healing process to find freedom from that experience! If you don’t, it can continue to affect your relationship with God, your husband, your children, AND future birth experiences.

So today I’m going to share some keys on how to find healing from a negative birth experience in the video above.

If you still need to process a past birth experience, this video is for you! God really put you on my heart this week and I believe He wants to set you free! This is a message straight from His heart for you.

I also encourage you to sign up for my online Kingdom Birth Class to fully break free from any fears caused by your past experience and to learn how to prepare to have an amazing experience at your next birth! Even if you aren’t pregnant yet, you may need to watch the class now to work through your fears ahead of time.

Sending my love to you, Kierra

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  • Ulandi Brewer

    Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful scripture!

    PS: Is that a big oak tree in the background?

  • Cana

    Cried through this whole video. I was planning a home birth when at 30 weeks I had to be airlifted to Denver because of preeclampsia. I ended up with an emergency c section and a 42 day nicu stay. Now, two and a half years later I have a darling healthy boy and I’m pregnant with twins. The enemy has done his best to steal my joy but this IS the year of His favor and I am under the shadow of the Almighty. I’m praying, asking for a term pregnancy, no preeclampsia or other complications, and a vaginal birth. He is good.


    • Aw, I’m agreeing and praying with you Cana! Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry about the disappointment with your first birth. That’s so hard. But I pray that God redeems that experience for you in a special way with this next birth. He loves to give us back double what the enemy steals, so I’m excited for how He’s going to do that in your life. Ha, it seems he’s already do it with twins this time around :). Praying for a double amazing birth for you! If you want more encouragement, info, and truth to help you prepare for an awesome birth with Him this time around, you can check out my Kingdom Childbirth Class – And also sign up for my e-mail list for great encouragement along the way! Bless you sweet mom!