Fertility & Preparing for Pregnancy

Understanding Your Fertility Class: Natural Prevention & Conception


A 4-week class that will empower you to finally understand your cycle and hormones, know exactly which days you are fertile each month, and know how to partner with God’s design to naturally prevent or try for pregnancy.

The knowledge and empowerment you’ll receive in this class will bless your marriage, your sex life, your future children, and your identity as a beautifully made daughter of the King.

Are you ready to fall in love with the amazing way God designed your body and to finally understand your cycle and fertility? Come check it out!


The Functional Midwife Blog

An awesome blog written by my midwife friend and functional nutrition practitioner, Kara Rowley! Her blog is full of great information and resources about fertility, pre-conception health, pregnancy health, and hormonal health. And awesome resource!


My blog post: 7 Ways I’m Preparing for an Awesome Pregnancy

This blog contains great tips for pre-conception health to bless your hormones & fertility and prepare you for an awesome pregnancy when you do conceive!


Mind & Hormone Reset Program

If you’re feeling like your hormones are out of balance and need a reset, this is a great program! Megan Kelly who teaches the program is wonderful and you can hear her share her supernatural birth story on my podcast here! http://aheavenlywelcome.com/11-megan-supernatural-breech-birth/