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I offer birth doula services in the Sacramento area and you can scroll down this page to read about all that I offer! I would love to serve you!

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My Birth Doula Services

I provide birth doula services in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas and I love witnessing the miracle of birth and serving women on this amazing journey. It is my joy and honor as a doula to make sure that each women I serve has the best birth experience possible and looks back on her birth experience as one of the best days of her life.

So what exactly is a doula? Well the literal meaning of the word is “one who serves” and in our culture it has come to describe a woman who provides continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to a mom in labor.

This means that while your midwife or doctor is taking care of the medical side of your birth and making sure you and baby are healthy, I get to make sure you’re feeling amazing, loved, and empowered!

It’s my job to help you fully ENJOY your birth experience. You know, like…

– give you massages

– dim the lights and put out candles

– make sure you’re comfortable

– give suggestions to help quicken the labor

– help you feel confident when you’re questioning yourself

– tell you how amazing you’re doing

– stay connected with your heart and emotions and what you need

– pray for you

– help you maintain the joy and wonder of the experience

– advocate for you and make sure your voice is heard

– empower your partner to know how to support you well

– make sure you and your partner are hydrated and well-fed

– provide breaks for your partner if he needs to eat or sleep or send a text

– make sure you understand what’s going on and what your options are

– empower you with courage, strength, and confidence

– help you enjoy God’s presence

 Basically I want you to feel like the most loved mama on the planet and to LOVE your birth experience!

Which is so important because research confirms that a positive birth experience leads to a greater enjoyment of motherhood in the following months and a greater sense of connection to your baby. Your birth story matters – it matters to your family and it matters to God!

And as your doula, I want to help your birth experience be as wonderful and beautiful as possible.

Because this is much more than a medical event. This is one of the most incredible emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and relational events of your life! So while your care-provider cares for the medical side of your birth, I get to care for all these other extremely important components!

And the truth is that in many ways, it’s these components that influence the length, intensity, and outcome of your birth.

Research confirms that moms with doulas at their births typically have shorter labors, less need for pain meds, fewer c-sections and interventions, and report a greater satisfaction with their birth.

Sound good?

Ok, so here’s what you get when you hire me as your doula:

  • A free initial consultation/interview to answer questions and to see if I am a good fit for you
  • 1-2 prenatal visits for us to connect and for me to learn your heart for this birth and how I can best partner with you in it. We’ll discuss birth preferences, fears, options available, comfort measures, etc. Basically I want to get on the same page with you and your partner and your desires for the birth so that you feel like you have a killer birth team that’s united and ready to support you that day!
  • Continuous emotional, physical, and informational support and love before, during, and after labor
  • Comfort techniques during labor such as massage, changes in position, breathing techniques, hot or cold compresses, counter pressure, rebozo, and aromatherapy
  • Support of your birth partner so he is able to best encourage and support you and has a great birth experience as well
  • Support until 1-2 hours after childbirth including breastfeeding assistance
  • 1 postpartum visit to love on you and your baby, answer questions, review the birth, process with you, and give you any referrals you may need

The cost for these services is $750.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, I would love to talk more with you! You can e-mail me at [email protected] or call my cell at 626-533-1836 to set up a free initial interview.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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