What If I Feel Like a Failure Giving Birth?

I’ll admit it – after the birth of my first son, I felt like a bit of a failure. Like my birth was 2nd class somehow. My dream of a birth center, all-natural, pain-free birth with Jesus crashed. And instead, I got a pitocin-induced, painful, and narcotic-filled hospital birth. And somehow that type of birth felt 2nd class compared to the all-natural or supernaturally pain-free births of my friends. Why couldn’t I withstand the pain without getting drugs? Others seemed to be able to do it. And why didn’t I Read More

From Supernatural Childbirth to Supernatural Mommyhood

Mama, you’re meant to thrive, not survive Mommyhood. I love all the talk about Supernatural Childbirth circulating these days and the way this conversation is transforming birth stories around the world!  Through Jesus, we can now enjoy childbirth as the extravagant love gift that God originally intended it to be in the Garden! For more on this, check out “What REALLY happened at the fall regarding childbearing”and my Online Kingdom Birth Class But today, I want to talk about Supernatural Motherhood! Because I believe this is equally available to us! We’re Read More

What REALLY happened at the fall regarding childbearing.

Good News! Contrary to what you may think, God DID NOT curse you and all women with pain in childbearing. I’m serious! It’s in the Bible. Watch the video above to dive into Genesis 3:16-17 with me to look at the original Hebrew text and what REALLY happened at the fall. (and if you want a copy of my notes on these Scriptures, the Hebrew words, and their meanings, click here). Warning: this could radically shift your view of God and/or childbearing! So watch ready to have your paradigm shifted, your Read More

Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your SPIRIT for Birth

Above anything else, giving birth is an amazing SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE!!!! Much more than a medical event, birth is one of the most beautiful and miraculous spiritual events you will experience in your life! You actually get to partner with Jesus to bring forth LIFE into the world.  SO AMAZING!!! There’s nothing like it! Heaven cheers you on with excitement, angels show up to participate, and everyone partners with you to make sure your baby receives a HEAVENLY WELCOME into the world! So more than all of your other preparation, I Read More