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One Word That Could Make All The Difference In Your Labor

 “I’m in labor!” one of my friends recently texted me. And as I started to pray for her, I immediately had the thought, Why do we call it labor? What if we called it co-labor instead?

Like what if she texted me and said; “I’m in co-labor!” Because truly that’s what God created it to be. And that’s the frame of mind we want to have as we enter the wild journey birth.

Labor is what came after the fall; a labor and toil that God never intended us to experience. But co-laboring is what we were truly designed for; what the Garden of Eden was all about. God gave Adam and Eve work to do but it was to be done in a joyful, intimate co-laboring with Him.

TOGETHER they named the animals.  In perfect fellowship with Him, they tended the garden and ruled over the earth. In Holy partnership with Him, they would be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. As Adam co-labored with God while tending the ground, there was joyful fellowship and fulfillment. As Eve would co-labor with God in bringing forth children, there was to be a similar joyful fellowship and fulfillment.

In co-laboring there’s no striving. No fear. No toiling. No pressure. No lack.

It was only after the fall that Adam and Eve experienced separation from God and suddenly found themselves “laboring” in their work instead of the peaceful “co-laboring” they were created for.

But Jesus bridged that separation for us and restored God’s original intent for perfect fellowship and co-laboring. So that can now be our experience once again! But we can miss it if we still see ourselves in a season of needing to “labor, toil, and strive.”

So what if we changed our language to reflect the truth of what’s available to us now?

What if we said, “I’m going into co-labor!” And as we said it, it served as a powerful reminder to us that we are not alone in this beautiful journey of birth.

What if we used it as a declaration that we are going to peacefully co-labor with God, our husband, our baby, and with peace, rest, surrender, and trust.  

What if served as a reminder that we will end up co-laboring with something and that we have already made a decision that…

We refuse to co-labor with fear. We refuse to partner with control. We refuse to co-labor with discouragement or worry.

That with all our heart, mind, and body, we choose to co-labor with God. With joy. With peace. With our baby. With excitement. And with Heaven.

I’ve already decided that with our next birth, I’m going to call it “co-labor.” I’m going to ask my husband, friends, and birth team to use that word as well.

If a friend calls me, I want her to ask “Are you in co-labor yet?

I want to call my husband at work and say “I think I’m in early co-labor!

I want my midwife to say “Looks like you’re in active co-labor!” 

And I’m excited to see how that word and the frame of mind it puts us in will impact the “co-labor” and birth!

I encourage you to embrace and use this word too! Our words are extremely powerful and this one word could radically impact your pregnancy and birth experience!

Proverbs 18:1 says “The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  So let’s use our tongues and the language we use surrounding our birth to bring forth abundant life, the Kingdom of Heaven and all that’s available to us!

To your beautiful “co-labor” and birth,


p.s. If you want more tools to transform your mindset and prepare you for a beautiful birth with God, come join my online Kingdom Childbirth Class! You’ll be empowered to truly enjoy the gift that God created childbirth to be and learn how to birth your baby in His joy and presence! Plus, you get to connect with amazing moms all over the world who going after the same thing! Come join us!



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How To Hear God’s Voice for Your Birth

Above all the research you do, the books you read, and the advice you get, the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to know during your pregnancy and birth is what God is saying to you.

His wisdom far surpasses google, the documentary you watched, and your mom’s well-meaning advice. He knows you and your baby intimately and has a beautiful plan for your pregnancy and birth if you will trust Him and follow His voice.

I recently talked with a good friend who’s had three AMAZING supernatural births! I asked her what advice she had for moms who long to have births like hers, and she replied,

“Seek God’s voice! Journal throughout the pregnancy and write down what God is saying about your baby and your birth. We live by the voice of the Lord and we birth by the voice of the Lord. He gave me really specific words and instructions for each birth and I just followed His leading with each of them.”

For this last birth, that even meant following God’s leading to a hospital birth when she much preferred the home births of her other children. But she heard God asking her to birth this baby at the hospital with Him, and she laid down her fears and preferences and said yes.

And it’s so beautiful to hear of the hospital staff who were blessed and touched by God because of her yes and the witness she was to them during the birth! (I’ll be recording a podcast soon with her whole story in it, along with lots of other inspiring stories from moms – so stay tuned!).

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to listen to God’s voice throughout your pregnancy and birth. He is the BEST midwife, doctor, chiropractor, and labor coach. He knows exactly what your body needs, what your baby needs, and how He wants to spread His Kingdom through your story.

Before I dive into some tips for hearing God’s voice, let me give you a few areas I recommend listening to Him in:

1. Your pregnancy: How does He want you to take care of yourself during this season? What does He want you eating? What does He want you reading? What does He want your focus to be these 9 months? What does He want your schedule to look like? How does He see your body during this time?

2. Your baby: What is He saying about your baby? What they carry? Their personality? What they need from you as a mom? How is He calling you to interact with them in the womb? What is He saying about their destiny or calling? Does He have a name for them?

3. Your Labor & Birth: Does He have a specific place He wants you to deliver? Which caregiver would be best for you? Does He have a theme for your birth? A certain Scripture for the birth? A specific tip for your labor? A posture He wants you take during the birth (for example, a posture of worship, of receiving his love, of surrender, etc).

4. Medical Decisions: There can be a myriad of medical decisions that need to be made throughout your pregnancy and birth, and they can feel scary and overwhelming if you don’t take them to God and get his words and peace. Strep b, shots, induction, epidurals, breech babies, c-sections, bladder infections, VBACS, and the list goes on and on of things that might pop up. Your doctor may suggest things, but you can make decisions in peace by hearing God’s leading on each situation that comes your way. Ask Him what’s best for you and your baby. He’ll lead you!

5. The Postpartum Time: Bring your sleep questions to God, your nursing issues, your confusion when you don’t know why baby is crying, and everything else that comes your way during the postpartum time. How does God want you to take care of yourself? What specifically does your baby need? He will guide you through this transition and on through your whole journey of motherhood!

Ok, so how do we hear his voice in these areas? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Make time to listen to Him! It’s so much easier to hear Him when our minds are quiet and we’re not racing through the day. So put some soaking music on, quiet your mind and heart, worship Him, and then ask Him questions and listen! He loves to speak to you – so trust that He will meet you as you carve out space to talk to Him.

2. When you hear something, trust that it’s probably Him! Doubt is one of the biggest things that keeps us from hearing God’s voice. We ask God a question, an answer runs through our head, but we think, “Oh, that was probably just me.” But the Holy Spirit lives inside you now and the main way He speaks to you is INSIDE YOU. His voice often is a thought that runs through your mind. So I challenge you to trust, “That was probably God” instead of thinking “That was probably just me.” If you are seeking God’s wisdom and asking a question, then what runs through your heart or mind next is probably HIM! So go with it – especially if His peace accompanies it! And if it’s not Him, He’s big enough to correct you and make that clear later.

3. Start with easy questions. Start out by asking him every hour throughout the day, “Jesus, how do you feel about me right now?” Trust that the first thought that goes through your mind is probably Him. Let Him lavish His words of love on you every hour and you’ll start to realize how easy it is to hear Him throughout the day. You’ll start to recognize His still small voice. THEN, when you have a bigger question to ask him pertaining to your pregnancy and birth, you’ll feel more confident to recognize that same voice you’ve been listening to all day.

4. Listen for His voice everywhere! He might speak with His still small voice, in a dream, through another person, through nature, through a vision, through a deep peace, or any other variety of ways! Just keep asking Him your questions and be open to how He answers!

5. Join my Online Kingdom Childbirth Class where we dive into God’s heart for your birth and I empower you to hear His specific words and promises for your birth!

6. Get the Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album (this comes as part of the Kingdom Birth Class, but you can also buy it separate). This album includes a Jesus encounter to empower you to hear His specific words and promises for your birth! Listen to this encounter as many times as you want throughout your pregnancy and labor!

7. Lastly… declare what God has spoken about you and your birth! Click the image below to get a Free PDF Download of Birth Declarations you can print out and look at to prepare for your birth!

You got this, Beloved! God loves you more than you have any idea and He longs to guide you through your pregnancy and birth with his life-giving words! He lives in you and is so excited to speak to you and be a part of this entire journey!

Would love hear the things God is speaking to you about your birth! Share them in the comment section below!

Excited for your beautiful birth,




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Enjoying The Work of Birth! (Holy Spirit lessons through my 3-year-old)

As I watched Ben play outside today, God gave me a powerful revelation about labor and birth and all that He created it to be for us.

We played outside for 2 hours and the whole time, Ben just wanted to “do some work” as he calls it. He LOVES to rake, sweep, and mow the lawn (with a toy lawn mower). Even though we were at a park, he wanted to do yard work the whole time instead of playing on the playground.

Seriously ladies, he’s in heaven when he’s working. He loves the rhythm of raking, the repetition of pushing the lawn mower in lines across the whole park, and the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of his labor in a cleanly swept sidewalk. He loves using his muscles and the hard work of it all.

I love watching him “work” because he’s enjoying himself so much. He smiles, hums, and gets lost in his own little world. And then he gets so excited when he finishes one of his projects like getting all the grass mowed.

And the thing is, he’s working HARD! By the time he finished at the end of the 2 hours today, he was sweaty and out of breath, but grinning from ear to ear at a job well done and the park “looking all nice now!”

As I watched him, Holy Spirit whispered to me,

This is the way I intended work to be. Fun. Fulfilling. Enjoyable. Peaceful. Satisfying. When I gave Adam and Eve work to do in the garden, it was a love gift to them – a gift for them to enjoy. I meant for them to take pleasure in their work of ruling over the earth, working the ground, and bearing children and raising children.

Then sin entered the world, and along with it came shame, insecurity, broken communion with me, pressure, worry, fear, and self-reliance. And those things affected their “work” – both working the ground and bearing and raising children. Suddenly the work I meant for them to ENJOY felt scary, hard, stressful, painful at times, and full of pressure. Everything became so much harder and work felt like a burden instead of a gift to enjoy with Me.

But when Jesus died on the cross and took all the consequences of sin onto His body, He set you free from all of them. You no longer have to live imprisoned by the effects of sin. He came to restore my original intent on earth. To usher in my Kingdom again, on Earth as it is in Heaven. To set you free from fear, anxiety, pressure, stress, self-reliance, pain, sickness, poverty, insecurity, and shame.

Beloved, you can now experience work again in perfect partnership with Me, free from all of those things that steal the joy of it. This applies to all work! Providing for the family, working the ground, bearing children, and raising children.

You can experience work like Ben experiences “work.” He’s able to enjoy the menial tasks of yard work that others dread because he operates under no anxiety, no pressure to make money, no expectations of others, no time pressure, no self-doubt, no self-consciousness, etc. He’s just free to be present to the moment and enjoy the work.

Ben Mowing

This is what I long for you to experience during the work of childbirth. Because of Jesus, you can enjoy labor the way I intended for you to enjoy it… FREE FROM:

  • The fear of something going wrong
  • Worry about your health or baby’s health (Jesus took ALL your pain and sickness on His body and by HIS stripes, you are healed)
  • Self-doubt (I designed you perfectly for this and it is the work I gave you to do, so you must be able to do it well – I don’t set you up for failure or impossible tasks)
  • Self-consciousness about what other people are thinking about you
  • The pressure of any time-constraints or the need to deliver on a certain day or in a certain amount of time
  • Shame or self-consciousness about your private areas (remember, Eve felt NO shame about being naked before the fall, and you don’t have to either. You can be proud of every part of your body and the beauty of how I designed you as a woman)
  • Comparison to other people’s birth stories (you have freedom to fully live in and enjoy YOURS)
  • Pressure to meet the expectations of others
  • Concern about money or provision (I am your perfect provider ALWAYS and will always meet all of your needs)
  • Any pressure to feel like you have to look a certain way, handle labor in a certain way, sound a certain way, etc. You get to birth freely just as YOU!
  • Any feelings of helplessness or that it’s too hard or all in vain. (Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery? Isaiah 66:10)
  • Any sense of distance or disconnection from Me. Jesus destroyed all barriers that could distance us and I will be right there at your side, working inside you, empowering you, guiding you, and cheering you on. It can be one of the most intimate experiences you’ve ever had with Me.
  • Sickness and pain (Jesus took All sickness and pain on his body, including those related to childbirth)

Beloved, you can birth FREE! Just like Ben at his work. Like him, you may be sweating, working really hard, and out of breath; and it may feel like the hardest work you’ve ever done. But you can still enjoy this hard work; this labor of love. Like Ben, you can enjoy the rhythm of it and smile and hum as you get in your “work zone.” Like Ben, you can get so excited at the progress you’re making and the joy of seeing all your hard work pay off at the end and the completion of a job well done.

Hard work isn’t something to dread. Not the hard work that I created for you. No, the hard work I give you is a love gift. A gift to strengthen you, empower you, fulfill you, and bring a smile to your face and a deep satisfaction to your soul. And this is true for labor and birth!”

Wow, isn’t that SO POWERFUL?

So here’s what I want you to do – read back through the list above and ask Holy Spirit to highlight to you any areas have the potential to steal the joy of the work of childbirth from you. Maybe it’s all of them, or maybe there are a few specific ones that He wants highlight to you.

Then ask Him for the key to walk in freedom in each of those areas. The freedom IS available to you – Jesus already paid for it. So the question now is, What’s blocking you from walking in that freedom? Is it a lie you are believing? A wound from the past that you need Jesus to heal? Not having a scripture to stand on in that area? Baggage you need to get rid of? Unforgiveness?

Two great questions to ask as you go through this are, “Jesus what do you want me to know? And what do I need to do?”

He will speak to you and lead you down the path of freedom. He’s such a good Dad and is excited to empower you to birth your baby in total FREEDOM in Him!

You are loved more than you know. Jesus paid for more than you have any idea. And God is for you more than you can possibly fathom.

To your beautiful, FREE birth,


p.s. If you’re feeling stuck in one of these areas and want some help to get to freedom, I now offer 40 minute phone/skype calls to do one-on-one birth coaching and would be happy to help you process and find freedom in one of these areas. You can purchase a birth coaching call with me here :).

And if you want more info on how to enjoy your birth with God, check out my Online Kingdom Childbirth Class!


Supernatural Childbirth: Manger Style (And the HOPE it brings for YOUR birth story!)

Jesus’ birth story was radical in so many ways, and as I read it again this Christmas, I became so aware of the hope His story can bring to our own birth stories.

Cuz here’s the thing…

The birth of Jesus was totally supernatural!

A virgin getting pregnant

An angel talking to Mary

The Lord visiting Joseph in a dream

John the Baptist leaping in the womb in the presence of Jesus in the womb

A star over the place Jesus was born that led wise men from the East to find him and worship him

A heavenly host of angels singing and announcing the birth to shepherds nearby

I love all of this! I love all the supernatural ways God the Father showed up in this pregnancy and birth. I mean, can you imagine even having one of these scenarios happen at your birth? How amazing would that be?

And yet, here’s the other thing…

Even though his birth was totally supernatural, it wasn’t the ideal birth scenario at all. In fact, it was far from it.

No hospital, no birth center, no homebirth option, and not even a room to give birth in

No skilled and encouraging birth team to assist Mary and Joseph though it

No cozy blankets, no shower, no bath, no comfort food, no coconut water, no birth ball, no worship set to listen to, no heating pad, no ice chips

Instead, Mary and Joseph found themselves delivering their baby alone, in the cold, in a dirty manger with animals, cow dung, bad smells, and lots of dirt and germs.

I can’t imagine what that would feel like. Stuck out in the cold with my newborn baby, trying to make him a bed in an animal feeding trough.

No, it wasn’t the ideal birth that every mother dreams of. But God was in it and it was beautifully supernatural and glorious at the same time.

And I find so much hope in that!

So often in our culture we get all caught up in planning for the perfect birth. Dreaming of our perfect birth. Worrying about all the details not falling into place perfectly.

But Jesus’ birth shows us that it doesn’t have to be a perfect or ideal birth scenario to be wonderful and supernatural and infused with God’s fingerprints all over it.

So take heart, Mama! If things aren’t panning out the way you had dreamed, take hope in Jesus’ birth story. It doesn’t mean that everything is ruined or that God isn’t in it.

Maybe you don’t get to deliver at the place you wanted to, but maybe a heavenly host of angels will show up instead.

Maybe you didn’t get the midwife or doctor you wanted, but maybe God himself will coach you through your labor and whisper the instructions and encouragement you need.

You just never know!

What I do know is that God loves birth. And He loves showing up at births. And He might surprise you in the way He shows up at yours! So be open and expectant for how He’s going to meet you.

There’s a lot of talk these days about “Supernatural Childbirth” and usually people use that term to mean “pain-free” birth. I love books like Supernatural Childbirth and the wonderful testimonies in it of pain-free labors. But I don’t like seeing “Supernatural Childbirth” put in the box of “pain-free.”

Was Jesus’ birth pain-free? I don’t know. But was it supernatural? Absolutely! Supernatural can mean so much more than pain-free, so go in expectant and excited for all the supernatural ways God will show up at yours!

As I look at Jesus’ birth, I’m reminded that life isn’t about perfect circumstances, but perfect communion with God. From birth to death, Jesus experienced imperfect circumstances. But He maintained perfect communion with God through it all and that’s what set his life apart. That connection with His Dad was his source of constant joy, strength, peace, power, love, and so much more.

I find so much hope in that today. For in the middle of imperfect circumstances that I can’t change, I CAN focus on my communion and relationship with God. And THAT will make all the difference. That’s the life Jesus modeled and that’s where true life is found.

Thank you Jesus for coming in such a beautiful, humble, less-than-ideal, supernatural way! You are amazing. We love you and we invite you to show up in glorious, supernatural ways at our births!

With Love,


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What is God’s Heart for Your Birth?

The enemy is so sneaky in they way he lies to us and gets us to start doubting the goodness of God’s heart and intentions towards us (especially in the area of birth).

He did it with Eve…”Did God really say you would die? He just doesn’t want you to become like him. He’s actually holding out on you. His intentions towards you aren’t as good as you think.”

Eve bought the lie and greatly suffered as a result. And sadly, we often buy it too.

The enemy is still up to his tricks and loves to cast doubt in our hearts today about birth and God’s heart for us during birth.

So today I want to destroy one of his common lies to us!

It’s the lie that God wants you to suffer during childbirth.

 Watch the video above to hear the TRUTH of the goodness of God’s heart for your birth and all that He wants to bless you with!

Listen to Him share the beautiful gift that He wants birth to be for you!

And if you want help learning HOW to enjoy your birth with Him, check out my Online Kingdom Childbirth Class!

God’s heart for your birth is SO GOOD! Don’t let the enemy convince you otherwise.

And if you want more, here’s another great video about God’s heart for your birth: What REALLY Happened at the Fall Regarding Childbirth.

Would love to hear your thoughts & comments below :).