We’re so excited to share our fun news with you! May you receive whatever breakthrough you need through this testimony! God always gets the final victory in our stories!!! (And if you are experiencing negative pregnancy symptoms, make sure to listen to the end because I release breakthrough for that!) And here is a linkRead More →

   “I’m in labor!” one of my friends recently texted me. And as I started to pray for her, I immediately had the thought, Why do we call it labor? What if we called it co-labor instead? Like what if she texted me and said; “I’m in co-labor!” Because truly that’s what God created itRead More →

Above all the research you do, the books you read, and the advice you get, the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to know during your pregnancy and birth is what God is saying to you. His wisdom far surpasses google, the documentary you watched, and your mom’s well-meaning advice. He knows you and your babyRead More →

As I watched Ben play outside today, God gave me a powerful revelation about labor and birth and all that He created it to be for us. We played outside for 2 hours and the whole time, Ben just wanted to “do some work” as he calls it. He LOVES to rake, sweep, and mowRead More →

Jesus’ birth story was radical in so many ways, and as I read it again this Christmas, I became so aware of the hope His story can bring to our own birth stories. Cuz here’s the thing… The birth of Jesus was totally supernatural! A virgin getting pregnant An angel talking to Mary The LordRead More →