What If I Feel Like a Failure Giving Birth?

I’ll admit it – after the birth of my first son, I felt like a bit of a failure. Like my birth was 2nd class somehow. My dream of a birth center, all-natural, pain-free birth with Jesus crashed. And instead, I got a pitocin-induced, painful, and narcotic-filled hospital birth. And somehow that type of birth felt 2nd class compared to the all-natural or supernaturally pain-free births of my friends. Why couldn’t I withstand the pain without getting drugs? Others seemed to be able to do it. And why didn’t I Read More

How do I process and find freedom from a negative birth experience?

One of the hardest things for a mom to go through is a traumatic, negative, or disappointing birth experience. I know first-hand what that disappointment and pain can feel like, and it’s SO IMPORTANT to go through the healing process to find freedom from that experience! If you don’t, it can continue to affect your relationship with God, your husband, your children, AND future birth experiences. So today I’m going to share some keys on how to find healing from a negative birth experience in the video above. If you Read More