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11| Megan: A Supernatural Breech Birth

11 Megan Kelly

Megan spent a lot of time during her pregnancy renewing her mind, letting go of fear, and learning to relax in her secret place with Jesus. All of her preparation paid off in her amazing birth as she labored joyfully and peacefully at home and was able to remain in God’s peace even as they encountered a surprise at the end – the baby had turned breech! 

Not only will you love this birth story, but you’ll come away with some great tools to help you remain in God’s peace during your own birth and journey of motherhood through all the ups and downs that come your way!

You can connect with Megan on her blog and website at 

Here are some of the resources she recommends and that we talked about on the show:

Supernatural Childbirth – a book filled with testimonies reminding us what is possible during birth with God!

Childbirth in the Glory – an album full of birth scriptures, prayers, and declarations for a peaceful birth in God’s glory.

Kingdom Childbirth Class – my birth class that breaks fear, renews your mind, and prepares you naturally and spiritually for a beautiful birth with God!

Praying your heart is deeply encouraged today,


p.s. Here is the link to my new online Understanding Your Fertility Class that I mentioned at the beginning of the show!

soaking album

10| Becky: A Newborn’s Supernatural Healing


With her first birth, Becky leaned on more on the doctor’s advice than the Holy Spirit. But in her following two births, she learned to rely more and more on Holy Spirit and to birth her children into God’s peace and presence.

And after her first newborn had a terrible vaccine reaction, Becky shares the beautiful testimony of God’s supernatural healing and faithfulness and the miracle that their little boy’s life is today.

God is so mighty, so present with us, such a good Father and so faithful. I know that so many parts of Becky’s story will challenge and inspire your heart and faith.

You can connect with Becky at [email protected] and here are some of the resources we talked about in today’s episode:

Supernatural Childbirth: Becky soaked in the Scriptures in this book during her third pregnancy and they made such an impact in her labor and birth!

Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album: A powerful album to soak to as you prepare for your labor and birth. It’s full of Scriptures to renew your mind, birth affirmations, a Holy Spirit relaxation exercise, labor practice for you as a couple, and a powerful Jesus encounter. (This album is also included when you take my Online Kingdom Childbirth Class).

Mommy Baby Soaking Album: And album full of life-giving Scriptures to peaceful background music. Soak to it as you nurse, sleep, and cuddle with your newborn. I know moms who played this album constantly in the room when their baby was sick or had a serious injury and watched their baby be miraculously healed!

The Vaccine Friendly Plan: A great book to help you make informed decisions vaccinating your children and other newborn procedures the hospital will push on you. It’s extremely thorough and covers the risks and benefits of each vaccine and procedure and which ones he recommends at what age and which ones to avoid completely. A must read for all parents so you can make informed decisions!

I pray you are so blessed by todays episode! Thank you Becky for sharing your beautiful heart and testimony with us!!!

Much Love,


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09| Alexis: A Supernatural Pain-Free Homebirth!


Alexis made most of the decisions for her first birth out of fear. But for her second birth, she determined to trust God through the whole process and to listen to Him instead of fear. She trained her body to abide in His peace and joy throughout the pregnancy and believed Him for a supernatural, wonderful birth in His presence.

Enjoy listening to her share about her beautiful, almost completely pain-free homebirth with Him that changed her and her family’s life forever! He is so good and faithful!

You can connect with Alexis on Facebook by looking up Alexis Fedor (she lives in Redding).

And here are the resources she recommends:

Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album – (you get this for free when you take my Kingdom Childbirth Class mentioned below) –  An album full of Scriptures to soak to and relaxation exercises with the Holy Spirit to prepare you for a beautiful birth with God. Use it to prepare during pregnancy, and then listen to it during labor as well!

Kingdom Childbirth Class – This is my birth class that Alexis took that set her free from fear and transformed her thinking about birth and how to invite God into the whole process. It’s a birth class that empowers you naturally and spiritually to birth your baby in God’s joy and presence!

The Bible – So important to get God’s words and truth for your birth into your mind and heart!

The Scripture Alexis was standing on is 1 Timothy 2:15 “But women will be saved through childbearing.”

The word “saved” here is “sozo” which means: to be kept safe and sound, rescued from injury, peril, and disease, and restored to health and made whole.”

So powerful that this is God’s promise to us through childbearing! And that’s exactly what she experienced!

For a whole list of Scriptures like this to stand on for your birth, join the Kingdom Birth Class or get the Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album!

I pray you’re so blessed by this episode!

Much Love,



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08| Jaimie: Trusting God for a VBAC After Three C-Sections

Jaimie Schrock Smaller

After three C-sections, Jaimie heard the Lord inviting her to trust Him for a VBAC with her 4th baby. It was a scary and lonely road at times when others didn’t support her or understand, but God was so faithful through it all. He led her step by step, helped her break out of fear and worry, and taught her to stand on His word above all else. 

The journey with God and her beautiful birth story transformed her forever and I pray her story and encouragement transforms you as well!

You can connect with Jaimie on Facebook at A VBAC Mom and her Journey and here are some other resources she recommends: – Empowering, unbiased facts about VBACs that will build your knowledge and help you make the best decision for you and your family. 

ICAN (International Cesarian Awareness Network) – This organization gave Jaimie a list of providers in her area that might support her in a VBAC. They also were a great resource to teach her how to speak to providers. 

Thank you so much Jaimie for sharing your heart and story with us! 

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07| Camaiya: Leading Worship Through Active Labor


Throughout her second pregnancy, the Lord led Camaiya through a process of casting out fear, building her faith for the birth, and writing out her specific desires and prayers for the birth.

Her preparation with the Lord paid off in the beautiful, empowering birth story that followed. She actually led worship at her church through hard active labor and then after arriving to the hospital, the Lord supernaturally dilated her from 5 cm to 10 cm in a few minutes. 

Enjoy her encouraging birth story and the lessons she learned afterwards fighting off postpartum depression and taking each thought captive. 

You can connect with Camaiya on Facebook on her personal page at Camaiya Jackson.

And here are the resources she recommends:

The book Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize.

My Online Kingdom Childbirth Class – the class she took that really  helped her prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for the wonderful birth she had. 

Praying you’re so blessed by all that Camaiya shared in today’s episode!

To your beautiful birth,