13| Melissa: A Supernatural Pain-Free Homebirth

            “Surrender” was the theme the Lord kept putting on Melissa’s heart as she prepared for the birth of her first son. So throughout the pregnancy, she sought to bring to Him and surrender each situation that arose, all her plans, and the desires of her heart.  As she leaned into Him and trusted Him each step of the way, He blessed her with a beautiful pain-free birth that exceeded her dreams. It was such a lavish love gift from Him that she says she’s still not over Read More

12| Brenda: Two Precious Miracles After Six Miscarriages

Brenda shares their journey with God and community through six heartbreaking miscarriages and how they held onto hope through it all. And then the joy of receiving their breakthrough and the two beautiful children she finally got to birth and hold in her arms! I pray that you’re so encouraged and inspired by Brenda’s story today. God is faithful. He hears our prayers, and they affect Him and all of Heaven! And no situation is hopeless or impossible for Him! She also has some great advice for how we can walk Read More

11| Megan: A Supernatural Breech Birth

Megan spent a lot of time during her pregnancy renewing her mind, letting go of fear, and learning to relax in her secret place with Jesus. All of her preparation paid off in her amazing birth as she labored joyfully and peacefully at home and was able to remain in God’s peace even as they encountered a surprise at the end – the baby had turned breech!  Not only will you love this birth story, but you’ll come away with some great tools to help you remain in God’s peace during your Read More

10| Becky: A Newborn’s Supernatural Healing

With her first birth, Becky leaned on more on the doctor’s advice than the Holy Spirit. But in her following two births, she learned to rely more and more on Holy Spirit and to birth her children into God’s peace and presence. And after her first newborn had a terrible vaccine reaction, Becky shares the beautiful testimony of God’s supernatural healing and faithfulness and the miracle that their little boy’s life is today. God is so mighty, so present with us, such a good Father and so faithful. I know that so Read More

09| Alexis: A Supernatural Pain-Free Homebirth!

Alexis made most of the decisions for her first birth out of fear. But for her second birth, she determined to trust God through the whole process and to listen to Him instead of fear. She trained her body to abide in His peace and joy throughout the pregnancy and believed Him for a supernatural, wonderful birth in His presence. Enjoy listening to her share about her beautiful, almost completely pain-free homebirth with Him that changed her and her family’s life forever! He is so good and faithful! You can Read More