06| Learning to Praise a Baby Into The World

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During her 3rd pregnancy, the Lord told Jessie “I want to teach you to praise a baby into the world.” You will love hearing about the journey that followed and how He led her through this birth!

And then during her 4th pregnancy, the Lord asked her “Will you trust me for a hospital birth this time? That my glory can show up just as strong at the hospital as I did at your home births?” And what an amazing birth it turned out to be – so full of His presence and light as she followed His lead and even prophesied over the nurses and attendants in between contractions.

You will LOVE these birth stories!

So instead of watching a show one evening this week, make a cup of tea and a bag of popcorn and cuddle up to listen and let the Lord minister to your heart – I promise your spirit will be encouraged and you’ll fall asleep smiling :).

05| Jessie: A Birth in God’s Glory

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The words God gave Jessie as she prepared for each of her four births were so unique and beautiful. As she pressed in to what He was speaking to her and followed His lead during each labor, she experienced His presence and glory in amazing ways in each birth.

During her first birth, she really learned to listen to Holy Spirit’s leading and how to relax through contractions with Him. Then during her second birth, she experienced a miraculous, redeemed birth in His glory and presence. Both births ended with a fun surprise that left them laughing and in awe of God’s goodness. 

Enjoy hearing her first two births today and then stay tuned for her second two birth stories next week! Honestly, Jessie has four of the most inspiring birth stories I’ve ever heard. Listening to them will increase your faith, your desire for intimacy with God, and your excitement about birth! 

If you want to connect with Jessie, you can e-mail her at [email protected] and here are some of the resources she recommends:

1. A Heavenly Welcome’s Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album – An album that will help you learn how to relax with Holy Spirit during contractions and prepare your body, mind, and spirit for a beautiful birth with God. This album comes as part of our Kingdom Childbirth Class, but you can buy it a la carte at the link above. 

2. Hypnobirth CD’s – Jessie used this cd to practice relaxing her entire body for labor. She just pictured Holy Spirit filling her when the cd talked about warm liquid light filling you. For her, she was able to enter God’s presence through the cd. (It didn’t work as well for me though so that’s why I created the Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album listed above). 

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04| Elisa: A Presence-Filled Induction at 36 Weeks

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Even though the doctors told Elisa she would need to be induced at 36 weeks due to a complication that arose, she entered her birth with peace and excitement knowing that God was still going to show up in it. And He didn’t disappoint her.

He blessed her with a presence-filled, supernaturally fast induction that didn’t even end up requiring Pitocin. Listen to her share about her beautiful journey with Him through the pregnancy and birth and how even though all didn’t go as planned, in the end she wouldn’t trade a single detail of it.

You can connect with Elisa at [email protected] and here are some resources she recommends:

1. A Heavenly Welcome’s online Kingdom Childbirth Class – A birth class that partners the natural and supernatural to break fear and empower you to birth your baby in God’s joy and presence. And it’s a class that prepares you to experience God’s presence no matter how your birth goes – something that really empowered Elisa in her birth when unexpected complications arose at 36 weeks. 

2. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – A powerful book by our nation’s leading midwife, Ina May Gaskin, on the benefits and joys of natural childbirth and how to trust your body and work with the way it was designed to labor.

3. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – A great book to educate and empower mothers to navigate the ups and downs of breastfeeding well and enjoy this gift. 

*This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase any of the items through these links. Thanks for your support to keep this podcast running!

03| Nichole: Infertility, God’s Faithfulness, and Two Little Miracles

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03 Nichole-edit

The doctors told Nichole and Joel that they had a zero percent chance of conceiving naturally, but God had the final say and they now have two miracle little girls. Listen to their journey of holding onto God’s words over the doctor’s words, finding strength in community, discovering they were pregnant, hyperemesis gravidarum, childbirth, and meeting their daughter for the first time!

If you want to connect with Nichole, e-mail me at [email protected] and I will put you in touch with her!

02| LeeAnn: A Surprise Home Birth

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02 LeeAnn

God told LeeAnn that He had a surprise in store for her birth, but she never expected it to be a surprise home birth! Listen and laugh with us as she shares about her quick, beautiful, Jesus-filled home birth and how God paved the way each step of the journey. 

You can connect with LeeAnn at [email protected] and here are the resources she recommends:

  • helpher.org for HG help (hyperemesis gravidarum) – unending morning sickness
  • A Heavenly Welcome’s Kingdom Childbirth Class – A class that partners the natural and supernatural to empower you to birth your baby in God’s joy and presence.
  • The Birth Partner – A great book with all the details of labor and birth and how your husband can support you well.