Give Birth Like You Make Love

Giving birth is like making love in many ways. And I hope that by the time you finish reading this post, you look forward to your birth experience as much as you look forward to a romantic Friday night with your hot hubby ☺.  AND, I hope you’re ready to give birth like you make love! Here we go…a comparison between sex and birth: Sex: High levels of the Love Hormone, Oxytocin, flowing through your body Birth: Also crazy levels of Oxytocin flowing through your body – actually the highest Read More

How to Stop Worrying About Your Birth (Hint: It’s a really fun game to play!)

There’s no doubt about it – fear is your worst enemy in pregnancy and birth. For fear steals the joy of this incredible gift, increases pain, can cause complications, and keeps you from experiencing God’s overflowing love and peace throughout this beautiful journey. It ruins something that was meant to be amazing. So today let’s talk about how to tackle it. And how to start walking in the opposite! My favorite way to combat fear during pregnancy is to play a little game called “Worrying with God.”  I learned this Read More