5 Weeks Pregnant- How to Prepare for an Awesome Pregnancy and Birth With God!

  Whoohoo, congrats on your pregnancy! I am so excited for you and I look forward to walking this journey with you and giving you week by week encouragement and tips for an awesome pregnancy and birth with God.  Like I said in the video above, I encourage you to get a journal this week and head out on your first baby date with God! Here are some of the questions I love to ask Him on my baby dates: What is your heart for this baby? What does this baby carry? Read More

Slowing Down and Enjoying the Gifts of Pregnancy & Womanhood

That’s right – baby #3 is on the way in the Blaser family! We are so excited about the newest addition to our family and to meet him or her in May of next year! I look forward to walking this pregnancy with you and sharing what the Lord is teaching me through it all. It is truly such a special and sacred season and I’m excited to fully enjoy the gift that God created pregnancy to be. So part of that for me right now means slowing down. It means Read More

4 Steps to a Pain-free Birth!

Most women dread and fear the pain of childbirth, but I want to encourage you today that it doesn’t have to be painful. I know friends, as well as moms who took my Kingdom Childbirth Class who actually had pain-free labors. And I believe that’s the way God intended it to be!  Now I’m not saying that my friends who had pain-free births felt nothing. It’s just that they didn’t feel anything they would consider “pain.” They would tell you they felt intense pressure, a lot of stretching, and powerful intensity. Read More

5 Ways to Shorten Your Labor (Plus one way to make it feel shorter)

All of us long for a short, easy labor. Right? I mean who wants a 40 hour labor?  Well the good news is that while much of our birth story is out of our control, there are still things we can do to help shorten our labors so we can be holding our bundle of joy sooner rather than later! Want to save these tips for your birth? I created a Free PDF you can download Download the Free PDF version of these 6 Tips Here are just 5 of them: 1. Help Read More

How to Practice for Labor AND get in a Great Work-out!

Did you know there’s a powerful way to prepare your mind and body for labor and get a great work-out at the same time?  In today’s guest post, my friend and fellow birth enthusiast, Wells Thomas, tells us how… For many first time moms, trying to imagine what labor pain will be like can be a point of anxiety. What will it feel like? Will it be horrible like my friend’s mom told me? Will I need to go for the medication? Will I be able to handle the pain? As I faced these Read More