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Slowing Down and Enjoying the Gifts of Pregnancy & Womanhood

adding-to-our-pumpkin-path-may-2017-2That’s right – baby #3 is on the way in the Blaser family! We are so excited about the newest addition to our family and to meet him or her in May of next year!

I look forward to walking this pregnancy with you and sharing what the Lord is teaching me through it all.

It is truly such a special and sacred season and I’m excited to fully enjoy the gift that God created pregnancy to be.

So part of that for me right now means slowing down. It means allowing myself to nap when my kids nap instead of work. (Hence, I haven’t been releasing a podcast every week like I had planned – but you can catch up on any you missed here – so many amazing birth stories that will build your faith and intimacy with God.)

And as I slow down and honor this season, I encourage you to also. Our culture isn’t always great at honoring the different seasons we go through as women and encouraging us to savor them and slow down, but I believe it’s so important.

Especially if we want to enjoy and celebrate the gifts of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood for the gifts that God created them to be.

In Bible times, women rested when they were on their period. They sat over a hole in the “red tent” with all the other women on their period and they basically had a girl week. They rested, chatted, talked about girl stuff, and had the week off work.

I LOVE that!

I’m a firm believer in treating ourselves to a week of rest as much as possible during our periods as well. We miss something of the gift and beauty of womanhood when we are expected to do life as usual and trudge through our regular work responsibilities. Tampons and pads are great, but in allowing us to “do life as normal,” they’ve stolen some of the gift and beauty of being a woman and getting a week to rest where we don’t do life as usual.

So if you’re not pregnant right now, I encourage you to think of a way to treat yourself and rest at least the first day of your period this month. Know that resting and honoring the beautiful gift of your cycle honors God. As you celebrate the gift of being a woman with a womb that can carry life, it honors your Creator and His perfect design.

And if you’re pregnant like me, let’s make sure to honor this sacred season as well. No need to push through and work like you’re not pregnant. Because you ARE pregnant! And your body is now putting all efforts, energies, and nutrients into forming that little life. In the first trimester, it’s actually using the same amount of energy you would need to run a marathon each day. Wow!

So take care of yourself, slow down, take naps, eat well, and remember that you and your baby are more important than trying to meet the expectations of those around you. Part of the gift of this season is that you get to slow down. So enjoy that gift!

When God blessed Eve in the garden with the gift of being fruitful and multiplying, He meant every part of the pregnancy, birth, and journey of motherhood to be a BLESSING. But sometimes we miss the blessing because we don’t slow down to honor and enjoy it.

If Eve had gotten pregnant before the fall, I think she would have fully enjoyed the pregnancy and felt no pressure to work hard through it. I think she would have rested, laughed, celebrated the life growing in her, and enjoyed the journey with God.

So that’s what I want to do. I want to experience God’s original intent for pregnancy. The fullness of this blessing. And part of that comes from partnering with His design to take time to rest and enjoy it instead of striving and laboring through it.

Bless you beautiful one! As I’m off to take a nap now, ask the Lord what He wants YOU to do to celebrate the season of pregnancy, mommy-hood, or womanhood that you’re in today. And then share it in the comments section – I’d love to hear what He shares with you. And make sure to do it this week!

Much Love,


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4 Steps to a Pain-free Birth!

holding newborn

Most women dread and fear the pain of childbirth, but I want to encourage you today that it doesn’t have to be painful.

I know friends, as well as moms who took my Kingdom Childbirth Class who actually had pain-free labors. And I believe that’s the way God intended it to be! 

Now I’m not saying that my friends who had pain-free births felt nothing. It’s just that they didn’t feel anything they would consider “pain.” They would tell you they felt intense pressure, a lot of stretching, and powerful intensity. It was a lot of work, uncomfortable at times, and one of the hardest things they’ve ever done. But they wouldn’t say it was painful. (Hear Alexis share about her pain-free labor here). 

So today I’m going to share 4 steps to this kind of pain-free labor!

*Now for the record, this won’t guarantee you a pain-free birth. There are a lot of factors that contribute to labor pain that sometimes we can’t do anything about – like a posterior baby who won’t turn. And there are more steps than the ones in this post that are important for a pain-free birth (I cover many of those in my online Kingdom Childbirth Class). 

But for today, here are 4 important and powerful steps you can take:

1. Ask For and Believe God for a Pain-free Birth

God doesn’t desire for any of His daughters to suffer in pain during labor. He created childbirth to be a blessing and love gift for you to enjoy! (Watch this video to hear more of His heart for your birth and this video on what really happened at the fall regarding childbirth.) 

Jesus took all our sickness and pain on His body on the cross so that we could be healed and free – and that includes labor pain!

Sometimes we don’t experience the gift of all that He died for because we don’t really believe that He died for certain things and made them available to us. And if we don’t believe they are something His heart wants us to have, then we don’t ask for them. And when we don’t ask for them, we don’t receive them. (You do not have because you do not ask God – James 4:2)

So I encourage you, ask God for a revelation of His heart for your birth! Understand what He paid a high price for you to experience, and then ask Him to experience the fullness of that gift during your birth. Ask Him for the desires of your heart for you labor – including it to be pain-free! So many of my friends who experienced pain-free labors simply believed and asked God for one. He LOVES to answer those prayers!

If you want help understanding His heart for your birth and believing for a supernatural, pain-free birth, come join my online Kingdom Childbirth Class. I also encourage you to check out the books Supernatural Childbirth and God’s Plan for Pregnancy

2. Welcome Your Contractions

Sometimes contractions feel painful because we are resisting them. Even without realizing it, we start to tense up and resist the sensation. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive and not only makes the contraction much less effective, but also makes it much more painful.

So when a contraction starts,  take a deep welcoming breath in and welcome it to your body as you think:

Welcome contraction! I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for opening me up. Thank you for bringing my baby down. I’m so glad you’re here and I fully embrace you and surrender to you and all that you’re doing in my body. 

It’s like you give it this warm, welcoming hug and then fully relax and surrender into it. 

I can’t tell you how many moms once they got the hang of this said that their contractions changed from feeling very painful to just a lot of pressure, but no pain. 

To see me demonstrate how to do this, click here to get my free video series “My Top 3 Tips for an Amazing Birth.” Video #2 walks you through how to welcome each contraction.

3. Relax Each Part of Your Body (Roving Body Check)

It’s amazing how a mom might think that she’s relaxing through contractions, but after doing a roving body check down her body, she realizes that she’s actually tensing parts of her body. Maybe her jaw is tense, or her shoulders, or her forehead. Once she realizes it and is able to relax those areas, contractions suddenly start feeling way more comfortable, and sometimes even pain-free. 

So what is a roving body check? 

Have your partner start at the top of your head and slowly scan down your body to see any places that don’t look fully relaxed. He might gently touch each area that he sees tension in and as he does, that’s a cue to you to relax that area. Or, he might just say lovingly “Relax your forehead. Relax your shoulders. Relax your arms. Relax your feet. Etc. 

I’ve done this many times as a doula for a mom in labor and it’s amazing to watch her go from moaning strongly through contractions to suddenly saying, “Oh wow, these aren’t that intense anymore.” It’s not that the contraction is less intense, it’s just that by fully relaxing her entire body, the pain level goes down because nothing in her body is resisting it. 

It’s great to practice this full body relaxation during pregnancy so that when labor starts, you already know how to do a roving body check and quickly relax every muscle in your body. It’s like muscle memory and your muscles know how to go into instant relaxation mode. 

Relaxing to the Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album is a great way to learn how to do this during pregnancy. In track 3 of the album, I walk you through the steps of relaxing each part of your body and inviting Holy Spirit’s peace and rest into every muscle. The album comes as part of my Kingdom Childbirth Class, or you can buy it separately here.

4. Raise Your Endorphin Levels

Did you know that God actually designed your body to release natural pain-killers during labor? He’s so awesome! These amazing hormones are called endorphins and they serve as a natural narcotic and opiate. And the wonderful thing is that as labor intensifies, your endorphin level increases as well. So as long as there’s no interference of things like medical painkillers or stress or fear, your endorphin level should always match the level needed for the intensity of labor at that stage. 

God knew what He was doing, Mamas!

So here are a few ways to increase your endorphins during labor:

  • Smile and laugh. The physical actions of smiling and laughing release endorphins in your body. So keep the atmosphere lighthearted and fun. Watch a comedy during early labor and ask your husband to crack jokes now and again if the atmosphere is feeling too serious. I told my husband that one of his jobs during labor was to make me laugh as much as possible :). 
  • Refuse to stress or worry about anythingThe release of stress hormones will block the release of endorphins, so release your fears to God ahead of time and choose to trust Him with each situation that arises during labor. Here’s a great game to play to help you let go of your stress and fear.
  • Keep a positive attitude. A positive attitude releases endorphins, so surround yourself with an encouraging, positive birth team and chose to look on the bright side of whatever situations arise during labor. Celebrate each centimeter that you dilate instead of focusing on how far you still have to go. Look for the good in each situation and the little gifts that God is giving you and how He is showing up (even if it’s not playing out the way you had hoped). My Heavenly Birth Kit has a lot of great tools in it to help you create a positive atmosphere for your birth (including Scriptures to put up on the walls and encouragement cue cards for your husband if he’s feeling lost as to how to encourage you or what to say). 
  • Ask God to bless your endorphins! I would totally ask Him to bless your endorphin release and to give you supernatural levels of endorphins during your labor! Not only will it decrease your pain, but it will give you an amazing sense of euphoria and a glorious “birth high” that so many moms experience who have unmedicated labors. I experienced this in my last birth and it was so heavenly! (You can hear that story here). 

So there you have it – 4 steps to a pain-free birth! I pray that these tips radically bless your birth! 

And you can find more steps towards a pain-free birth and info to empower you for a beautiful birth with God in my Kingdom Childbirth Class. I’d love to connect with you there!

To your beautiful birth,




5 Ways to Shorten Your Labor (Plus one way to make it feel shorter)

All of us long for a short, easy labor. Right? I mean who wants a 40 hour labor? 

Well the good news is that while much of our birth story is out of our control, there are still things we can do to help shorten our labors so we can be holding our bundle of joy sooner rather than later!

Want to save these tips for your birth? I created a Free PDF you can download

Here are just 5 of them:

1. Help baby get in a great position

One of the biggest things that contributes to a long labor is a baby who’s not in an ideal position. Sometimes this is totally out of our control and we just have to trust Jesus to turn the baby, but there are also things you can do throughout the weeks leading up to your due date to encourage baby to stay in a great position:

  • Follow the exercises on the Spinning Babies Website
  • Lots of forward leaning and hands and knees instead of reclining back. As much as you want to recline on the couch towards the end of your pregnancy, that can encourage baby to turn posterior. So as much as possible, try to sit leaning forward instead of back. 
  • Regular chiropractor visits (someone trained in Webster technique) who will help keep baby in a good position
  • Acupuncture can also help turn a posterior or breech baby

Hopefully taking these steps will help baby be in a great position when you go into labor, but even if baby turns posterior at the start of labor, inversions, hands & knees, and rebozo sifting can all help turn baby and shorten your labor! (You can find all of those on Spinning Babies)

2. Refuse to worry about anything that day

This might sound easier said than done, but it’s really important for your labor. Cuz here’s the deal – when you worry, it releases stress hormones in your body that block Oxytocin and slow your labor down. Oxytocin is needed for labor to progress, but worrying stops the release of it. 

So one of the best things you can do for your labor is to determine ahead of time not to worry about anything that day! Surrender all the details into Jesus’ hands and decide ahead of time to trust Him fully with each circumstance that comes up throughout your labor. 

This is one of the BEST decisions you can make for your labor!

And the truth is, He is so trustworthy! We really can trust Him with each circumstance. He is so good, such an amazing protector, and the best labor coach and doctor ever in the world. You are in good hands and there’s no need to worry.  

3. Turn your thinking brain off and get in your birth zone

One of the things necessary for labor to progress well is to make the transition from using your neocortex (your thinking brain) to your primitive brain. 

So often labor stalls because a mom is stuck in her thinking brain. Whether she’s trying to attend to her in-laws’ needs during contractions, or thinking about all the things still on her to-do list, or trying to think through a decision the nurse wants her to make, all of these things can keep her from making the transition to her primitive brain.

Now you don’t need to make this switch right away. It’s great to ignore labor as long as possible and continue to go about your day, staying in your thinking brain. But once you can’t ignore it anymore and it starts to take all your focus as you progress in active labor, it’s good to allow yourself to start to make the switch. 

How do you do that? Well, here’s a few things that can help:

  • Dim the lights (bright lights stimulate the neocortex part of your brain)
  • Ask people to stop talking to you (talking also stimulates the thinking part of your brain). They can still give you encouragement here and there, but no more shooting the breeze and chatting or asking you questions.
  • Go somewhere quiet and private where you can allow yourself to relax, get in your birth zone and not think about other people. This could be the shower, a bath, sitting on the toilet, etc.
  • Switch from music with words to instrumental music. Sometimes even the words in music can stimulate the thinking part of your brain.

4. Sleep, Drink, & Eat

Sometimes labors stall because the mom is exhausted, dehydrated, and depleted. Labor is like running a marathon – it takes a lot of energy! And if you start to get too exhausted, it will naturally stall until you’re able to get up the strength and energy you need to finish well. So…

  • Make sure to get lots of sleep leading up to your due date! Make bed-time and naps a priority so that you don’t get caught off guard and go into labor on a morning that you only got 5 hours of sleep the night before. 
  • Sleep through labor as long as possible if it’s in the middle of the night. Try to contain your excitement and remember that getting as much sleep as possible is one of the most important things you can do to have a smooth and shortened labor in the morning. And if it’s stalling in the middle of the day, try to take a nap and at least get a little rest in.
  • Drink all throughout the labor! Drinks with electrolytes like coconut water and labor-aid are especially great for keeping you hydrated. I have some great labor-aid recipes in my Heavenly Birth Kit if you want to make an awesome drink for labor!
  • Eat throughout labor as well. Especially protein to keep your strength and energy up! Things like applesauce and honey sticks are another great way to give you some quick energy if you’re needing it at certain moments.

5. Ask God to speed it up!

God is SO involved in our births and I definitely encourage you to ask Him to shorten your labor! I can’t tell you how many birth stories I’ve heard and witnessed where He supernaturally shortened a labor. 

I’ve seen Him supernaturally dilate a women stuck at 3cm to 10cm in 30 minutes. Or a mom dilate from 5cm to 10cm in five minutes. Nothing is impossible for Him! And He loves to show up at our births and bless us!

So definitely include Him in your labor and expect Him to show up in fun and surprising ways as He helps shorten it for you!

And finally, one way to make it feel shorter: Ignore it for as long as possible!

A 15-hour labor can feel pretty short if you go about your normal day for the first half of it. So definitely, ignore it for as long as you can!

Go on a walk, take your kids to school, hang out with a friend, do some baking, take a nap, etc. There’s no need to start timing contractions until you realize that they are definitely getting stronger and closer together. But even then, time a few of them and then go about your day. 

There’s no need to stop your normal routine until the contractions get so intense and close together that you need to stop everything else to just focus on them and rest between them. 

And the great thing is that at this point in active labor, you start to get in this wonderful birth zone where you loose any sense of time. Once you’re in this zone with God, your body, and your baby, time often seem to fly and 4 hours can feel like 1. It’s pretty amazing how God designed it to work!

My last labor was 12 hours, but honestly it felt like 3 or 4. I went about my normal day for the first 6 hours and then the last 6 hours of active labor flew by as I entered that beautiful birth zone with God.

God’s amazing. You’re amazing. And how he designed your body to labor is amazing! 

Here’s to a beautiful, shortened labor for you,


P.S. Don’t forget to download these pdf version of these tips you can print out for your birth!

P.S.S. I cover lots more ways to shorten your labor in my online Kingdom Childbirth Class, as well as ways to partner with God through each stage of labor so that you can enjoy the GIFT that He intended childbirth to be!  Come join me there to be fully empowered for a beautiful birth with God!

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How to Practice for Labor AND get in a Great Work-out!

Did you know there’s a powerful way to prepare your mind and body for labor and get a great work-out at the same time? 

In today’s guest post, my friend and fellow birth enthusiast, Wells Thomas, tells us how…

For many first time moms, trying to imagine what labor pain will be like can be a point of anxiety. What will it feel like? Will it be horrible like my friend’s mom told me? Will I need to go for the medication? Will I be able to handle the pain?

As I faced these anxieties before my first birth, I wish I had known one simple little fact. A fact that could have cut through all the anxiety that I felt around the potential pain of labor and childbirth:

That labor pain is not an emergency.

In “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth,” Ina May describes labor pain in this way:

“When you are injured and feel pain, its message is ‘Run away!’ or ‘Fight! You are being damaged.’ This is survival information. The pain of labor and birth has an entirely different message. It says, ‘Relax your pelvic muscles. Let go. Surrender. Go with the flow. Don’t fight this. It’s bigger than you.’…

Yet many women react to labor pain in the same way they react to the kind of pain they experience when wounded. …They don’t know that a change of position, of attitude, of atmosphere in the birth room, and a host of other factors can utterly change the inner sensations of labor.” (pp. 161-162)

I knew this going into my second birth, and it made me much more confident.

But what if we could train our brain before our very first labor? 

This feeling is the feeling of muscles working hard.

This pain is not because I’m injured.

This pain or sensation is effective for bringing my baby down.

There actually is a simple way to practice handling what labor feels like: High-intensity workouts.

Before my fifth pregnancy, I started doing high intensity interval workouts (HIIT workouts). I had never been successful at regularly incorporating exercise into my routine, but knew the importance of working out for energy and long-term health.

When I heard about HIIT workouts, I realized this could be my ticket. I could find them for free on youtube, they generally required no equipment, and they were over in twenty minutes, which was key for my life as a busy mom (and one who does not love exercise)! Continuing to do them throughout my fifth pregnancy, I realized that HIIT workouts actually are very good for prepping ourselves to face labor.

A HIIT workout is like labor in several ways: 

1. It is intense.

Particularly in the 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off Tabata style, when you are in your working interval, it takes everything you have to keep working as hard as you can. It takes all your focus and energy.

2. It comes in intervals.

After your working interval, you get a rest. It is the same with a contraction. In normal labor, the pain or intensity is not unrelenting. You will get rest periods to breathe, to relax, to regroup.

3. It is a “working” pain, not an emergency signal.

The pain of a high intensity workout is similar to that of labor in that it is not emergency pain; it is muscular. Your system is having pressure put on it in a certain way, but it is not being damaged.

4. Your mindset makes a difference in how much you can do.

When I am working out, it helps me so much to have music on, and to have no interruptions from my children or the phone. Also, it helps me to get my head in the right space: I can do this. This is making me stronger. I am making progress. Only a few more minutes. I can handle it. In the same way, your labor environment being distraction-free (as much as possible) is so crucial, and keeping your thoughts away from negativity is a game changer.

5. It has a really good result.

Just as a workout is making you fitter, stronger, healthier, happier, and better able to think clearly, a normal labor has a good result. One of the most beautiful results of work that exists on the planet: a new human. Your baby. Knowing this baby is coming makes the work of labor seem comparatively easy. It is kind of like how keeping our mind on heaven makes the current troubles of our life seem small.

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later. (Romans 8:18)

I recommend HIIT  workouts if you are wanting to strengthen your mind and body toward the labor experience.

DO be careful though, and modify the exercises for your physical abilities, and for your front-loaded body! I was doing burpees (which involves a sort of horizontal jumping) right up until the end, and… I had back problems after my baby was born. (Thankfully they were soon taken care of.)

Other than that, grab a mat, grab your laptop, grab some water, and practice for your labor today!

Don’t be afraid. Get ready. You’ve got this.

Go here to get my play list of short/ intense workouts.

If you have other great HIIT workouts you enjoy, share them in the comment section below! 

* Wells Thomas is a writer and childbirth enthusiast who loves to connect with and encourage other mothers. She is the author of “Empowered Birth: Becoming Fearless in Labor” and “31 Life Words for Mothers.” She lives in Virginia with her husband and five children. You can find her books and connect with her at 

7 Ways to preparefor(2)

7 Ways I’m Preparing for an Awesome Pregnancy (Part 2)

Last week I shared the exciting news that Michael and I are going to start trying for baby #3 in a couple months!

And I shared 3 of the ways I’m starting to prepare NOW for an awesome pregnancy.

Because the truth is, there’s so much you can do in the months leading up to conception that can make such a difference in your pregnancy and birth.

So here’s Part 2 of that post with the other 4 ways I’m preparing for an awesome pregnancy…

*note – this post contains some affiliate links

4. Carrying His Peace and His Presence

I have a goal for this next pregnancy…

I want to walk through the whole thing in God’s perfect peace without worrying about anything!

It might sound crazy, but I think it’s possible.

Graham Cooke (one of my favorite speakers) says that he can’t remember the last time he worried about something – it must have been 18-20 years ago. Wow! I want that! I know it comes from his deep intimacy with the Father, his close friendship with Jesus, and his confidence in who God is and who God will always be for him.

I’m going after it, Mamas! Babies feel our emotions in the womb. And they also receive the hormones we release. So if we release stress hormones and Cortisol during pregnancy, the baby receives those stress hormones as well.

I long to create an atmosphere in the womb for our next baby that is filled with only joy, peace, trust, and the presence of God.

I wonder how that would affect a baby’s spirit. What type of peace would a baby carry if they felt no stress or worry during their 9 months in the womb?  What type of foundation would that lay for their life?

I want to find out! So I’m starting to ask God how to get there.

I’m pressing into His heart at deeper levels and learning to abide continually in His peace and presence.

I’m learning to take each situation in my life to him immediately to get HIS perspective and thoughts on it (cuz He’s definitely never worried about it).

I’m learning to absolutely refuse to worry or to entertain the whispers of the enemy.

I’m learning that my peace, contentment and joy in the Lord is more important than anything else: the bills, the to-do-lists, the unknowns in the future, etc.

So I’m practicing and pressing in to His heart to prepare for my dream of a worry-free pregnancy!

5. Charting My Cycle

I’ve been charting my cycle using the Fertility Awareness Method since Michael and I got married 7 years ago. And I LOVE it!!!

It has seriously been one of the most empowering things I’ve done as a woman and I love being so in touch with my body and really understanding what’s going on with my hormones each month.

I take my waking temperature each morning and chart it on a graph, along with changes in cervical fluid and a few other things. Through this method I’m able to tell exactly which days of the month I’m fertile and not fertile and the exact day that I ovulate and the exact day I’m going to start my period. It’s amazing!

We’ve successfully used this method to prevent conception throughout our marriage, as well as to conceive quickly when we were ready to try.

But the other cool thing about charting is that I’m able to really understand what’s going on with my hormones. I’ve been able to tell in the past when my progesterone or estrogen levels were low and then was able to take steps with a natural doctor to fix those levels.

So I’m starting it up again. I want to make sure my hormones and cycle are looking good before trying to conceive.

Plus, through this method, I’ll know the exact day we conceive and our exact due date for the baby. Ultrasounds don’t always give you an accurate due date and that can cause problems if your doctor thinks you’re 2 weeks overdue and wants to induce when you’re actually only 3 days overdue.

If you’re interested in learning how to chart your cycle, understand how your fertility works, and how to naturally prevent or try for pregnancy, come join my online Understanding Your Fertility Class: Natural Prevention & Conception! You will come out of this class so empowered and excited to partner with the beautiful way God designed your body and fertility! I seriously believe every woman needs to take this class!

Also, my favorite book on this topic is “Taking Charge of your Fertility.” It walks you through the whole process of charting your cycle step by step and gives you charts to photocopy and use.

6. Getting the Best Maternity Insurance

It’s important to think about the kind of birth of you might want and to work on getting insurance that will cover that ahead of time.

Personally, I would love another homebirth and signed up for insurance that will cover that for us. It’s important to do this ahead of time because most insurance companies will only cover full maternity costs if you are a member before conceiving.

I joined Samaritan Ministries for this pregnancy and birth. It’s a Christian Sharing Network that isn’t technically insurance, but still meets the government requirement for everyone to have health insurance.

What I love about them for maternity is that they cover:

  • Any type of birth (hospital, birth center, or homebirth)
  • Any licensed doctor or midwife (they don’t have to be in a certain network)
  • $500 towards a birth doula
  • Prenatal supplements
  • And if needed, prenatal massage, acupuncture, or chiropractor visits. So awesome!

If you look into it and decide to join as well, will you give my name (Kierra Blaser) as the person who referred you? Thanks – It will help support this website and ministry!

7. Replacing My Beauty Products with Natural Ones

I’ve been meaning to do this forever, but the thought of growing a baby inside me gives me the motivation to actually do it!

Sadly, there are no regulations on beauty products in the U.S. and many of the products we use every day have chemicals in them known to cause cancer, reproductive issues, and more.

And everything that enters my body goes to the baby as well. So if I use a shampoo or sunscreen filled with toxic chemicals, my growing baby will be affected by those chemicals as well. Yikes! Time to clean out my bathroom!

I’m not throwing products out, but as soon as something runs out, I’m committed to replacing it with a safe, all-natural product.

I love Skin Deep’s website where you can look up any beauty product and see it’s rating for toxicity and the dangerous chemicals in it. I’m trying to only buy products that have a Skin Deep rating of 0-2. My favorite companies right now are Beauty Counter and 100% Pure.

So there you have it friends! The final 4 ways I’m preparing for an awesome pregnancy!

And if you missed last week’s post with tips 1-3, you can read it here!

I pray that these ideas bless you on your own journey towards an awesome pregnancy and birth! Share any other ways you’re preparing in the comment section below!

Much love,

Photo Credit: – Thomas Pompernigg