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One Word That Could Make All The Difference In Your Labor

 “I’m in labor!” one of my friends recently texted me. And as I started to pray for her, I immediately had the thought, Why do we call it labor? What if we called it co-labor instead?

Like what if she texted me and said; “I’m in co-labor!” Because truly that’s what God created it to be. And that’s the frame of mind we want to have as we enter the wild journey birth.

Labor is what came after the fall; a labor and toil that God never intended us to experience. But co-laboring is what we were truly designed for; what the Garden of Eden was all about. God gave Adam and Eve work to do but it was to be done in a joyful, intimate co-laboring with Him.

TOGETHER they named the animals.  In perfect fellowship with Him, they tended the garden and ruled over the earth. In Holy partnership with Him, they would be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. As Adam co-labored with God while tending the ground, there was joyful fellowship and fulfillment. As Eve would co-labor with God in bringing forth children, there was to be a similar joyful fellowship and fulfillment.

In co-laboring there’s no striving. No fear. No toiling. No pressure. No lack.

It was only after the fall that Adam and Eve experienced separation from God and suddenly found themselves “laboring” in their work instead of the peaceful “co-laboring” they were created for.

But Jesus bridged that separation for us and restored God’s original intent for perfect fellowship and co-laboring. So that can now be our experience once again! But we can miss it if we still see ourselves in a season of needing to “labor, toil, and strive.”

So what if we changed our language to reflect the truth of what’s available to us now?

What if we said, “I’m going into co-labor!” And as we said it, it served as a powerful reminder to us that we are not alone in this beautiful journey of birth.

What if we used it as a declaration that we are going to peacefully co-labor with God, our husband, our baby, and with peace, rest, surrender, and trust.  

What if served as a reminder that we will end up co-laboring with something and that we have already made a decision that…

We refuse to co-labor with fear. We refuse to partner with control. We refuse to co-labor with discouragement or worry.

That with all our heart, mind, and body, we choose to co-labor with God. With joy. With peace. With our baby. With excitement. And with Heaven.

I’ve already decided that with our next birth, I’m going to call it “co-labor.” I’m going to ask my husband, friends, and birth team to use that word as well.

If a friend calls me, I want her to ask “Are you in co-labor yet?

I want to call my husband at work and say “I think I’m in early co-labor!

I want my midwife to say “Looks like you’re in active co-labor!” 

And I’m excited to see how that word and the frame of mind it puts us in will impact the “co-labor” and birth!

I encourage you to embrace and use this word too! Our words are extremely powerful and this one word could radically impact your pregnancy and birth experience!

Proverbs 18:1 says “The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  So let’s use our tongues and the language we use surrounding our birth to bring forth abundant life, the Kingdom of Heaven and all that’s available to us!

To your beautiful “co-labor” and birth,


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6 Reasons You Want a Doula at Your Birth!


As you seek God’s heart for your birth and prepare for the type of birth you long for, make sure to pray about adding a doula to your birth team!

After experiencing one birth without a doula and one birth with a doula, I can honestly say that it made a HUGE difference and I can’t imagine giving birth again without one.

A birth doula is someone who provides physical, emotional, spiritual, and informational support to you and your partner throughout the labor and birth.

Here’s what that looks like…

  • She gives you amazing massages
  • Knows all the right pressure points to make you feel more comfortable
  • Gives you yummy drinks and snacks throughout labor to keep you strong and feeling good  
  • Suggests positions or activities to help labor progress faster
  • Helps you make informed decisions
  • Makes sure you feel empowered, heard, and that you call the shots for the birth
  • Makes you feel like the most loved, cared for, supported woman on the planet (so much so that in my case, I didn’t even want labor to end for a while)

From my experience both as a doula and a mom in labor, here are 6 reasons you want a doula:

1. Shorter labor

Um, yes, please! Statistically, birth doulas shorten labors by an average of 6 hours. For me, that’s worth the investment right there! They are able to offer suggestions throughout the labor to help the baby move down quicker and keep you at peace so that labor is able to progress faster. They also help you labor at home longer so that you don’t get to the hospital or birth center too early, which can slow or stall labor.

2. Less pain

Once again, yes, please! Through their comfort techniques, massages, pressure points, and position suggestions, they greatly help reduce any pain you are experiencing. Plus, they really help your mental game and help you stay in a relaxed place of peace – both of which play a big part in decreasing pain.

3. Peace of Mind

This is probably the most important thing for your labor experience. If you are able to keep your mind and body at peace, your labor will be much more comfortable and progress quicker. And you’ll be able to enjoy it for the gift God created it to be! A doula will offer the information and assurance you need to keep you at peace throughout the labor. She’ll help you know the best time to head to the hospital and help you make decisions throughout the entire labor that you feel confident and peaceful about. Her expertise and knowledge can provide the assurance and encouragement you need when anxiety starts to creep in.

4. Less likely to need any interventions

This is huge! Moms who have a doula have a 40% less chance of the birth ending in a C-section, and 30% less chance of feeling like they need an epidural. They also have fewer inductions, Pitocin intervention, and vacuum or forceps deliveries. Isn’t it amazing that the presence of a trained and caring doula can produce those types of results?

It’s because she is able to help you make better-informed choices, stick up for your rights at the hospital, labor faster so the hospital doesn’t pressure you for a C-section, help you arrive at the hospital later so that they don’t put you on a clock too early or pressure you for Pitocin early on, and feel comfortable and empowered so you don’t feel the need for an epidural or pain meds.

She helps you labor in the best positions so that your body is able to naturally birth well the way God designed without needing interventions.

5. You and your partner get to enjoy the birth more!

Don’t we all want that? I so believe that God designed childbirth to be a gift for us to enjoy. And having a doula present really helps both of you enjoy the whole process and gift. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my labor with my husband and doula loving on me, worshipping with me, massaging me, affirming me, bringing me drinks & snacks, and hugging me through my strong contractions. It was truly heavenly.  And I can honestly say, I ENJOYED it!

But that’s because of the confidence and peace she brought into the room, the suggestions she had that felt so heavenly, and her tender care for both of us. I was able to trust her judgments and suggestions and turn my thinking brain off and just get in my birth zone and enjoy. I let her and my husband do all the heavy thinking and discussing while I just enjoyed being in my zone with God.

And my husband was able to enjoy the birth so much more. He didn’t feel pressure to be there for me every single second and always know the perfect thing to say or the perfect place to touch to make me feel more comfortable. He didn’t have to run from massaging me to getting me a drink to trying to get a second to pee and send a quick text. He could leave the room for a minute without feeling guilty because I was in great hands with my doula. It took the pressure and anxiety off him so he could just be present and enjoy the whole experience with me.

6. Enjoy the postpartum time more

Statistics show that moms who have a doula at their birth report a greater satisfaction in motherhood in the following months. They report that their babies cry less and report greater feelings of bonding with their babies. Pretty amazing!

We don’t know all the reasons for this, but some of it is because moms with doulas tend to have more satisfying and healthy birth experiences. And a great birth experience allows you to enjoy your postpartum time more. If you have a traumatic birth experience, it takes a while to emotionally and physically heal from that during the postpartum time.

Researchers also believe that having a female present throughout the birth to care for you empowers you as a new mom. If you feel extremely cared for in the birth, you get filled up with all you need to care for your new little one now. The confidence the doula gives you during the birth transfers into motherhood.

Less postpartum depression and more enjoyment in the first few months of mommyhood? Yes, please! Sign me up for a doula!

So there you have it, 6 reasons I highly encourage you to get a doula for your birth! 

If you want to learn more about what a doula offers, the difference between a doula and a midwife, and why I recommend hiring a doula, check out this video I made :). 

And if you’re looking for a Christian doula in your area, click here to check out my doula page. I’m starting to populate it with like-minded doulas around the U.S. (And if you know an amazing doula you think I should list on here, send her to my doula affiliate program where she can sign up!)

And if you are a doula who would like to be added to the list, you can read about my doula affiliate program here.

If a doula made a difference at your birth, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below! Why would you recommend getting one?

To your beautiful birth,


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Hope and God’s Goodness in the Midst of Our Miscarriage

On Thursday November 10th at 12.5 weeks pregnant, we sadly lost our little one to a miscarriage. It’s been a sad journey for us full of grieving and tears, but also one filled with amazing hope and revelation from Heaven. 

I have been rocked by the goodness of God these past two weeks and even though I still grieve and cry at moments throughout the day, His goodness truly feels like the greater reality I’m living in each moment. 

I pray your heart is so encouraged by the video above as I share about the hope we are walking in and the powerful journey God has had us on these past two weeks. 

In the video, I mention that one of the biggest sources of encouragement to us through this journey has been listening to Jesse Duplantis talk about his experience in Heaven. We’ve loved hearing him talk about the miscarried and aborted babies he saw there and how as parents we will still get to raise them there and have them in our family. And hearing one of his conversations with Jesus while he was there has definitely changed my life forever. 

Here is the link to his full testimony from his time in Heaven. (He starts talking about his experience in Heaven at 33:43 minutes into the talk, so you can just skip ahead to that point because it’s a pretty long talk). 

I also mention in the video above that this song “King of my Heart” has been really powerful during this time. Truly, God is so good and He’s never going to let us down. These truths have never felt more real than during these past two weeks. I’m truly overwhelmed by His goodness.

There will never be words to express how good He is. Always. Now and forever. He is good. 

And people may think, “How could a good God let this happen?”

Or… “How can you say He’ll never let you down? Didn’t he let you down by letting your baby die?” 

But the truth is, no not at all. That honestly hasn’t even crossed by mind. What I’ve been so aware of is how good He is and that He was willing to suffer more than I’ll ever know so that my baby and I can spend forever in Heaven with Him. He didn’t have to do that. My separation from Him and my separation from my baby could have been permanent. That’s what I deserve. 

But He’s so good and so full of grace and unquenchable love that He was willing to pay any price to make sure my children and I could be reunited together with Him in paradise forever. 

I’m blown away by that. I’m humbled. And I’m so thankful it brings me to tears. No, He will truly never let me down. He hasn’t yet and He never will. And I will forever be left speechless at His extravagant, undeserved goodness and love. 

Thank you Jesus! Thank you for life. For salvation. For Heaven. For your grace. For your sacrifice. For my kids – all of them! For your presence. For your goodness. And for the incredible eternity you have waiting for us. 

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving Holiday, my heart feels overwhelmed with more thankfulness than I’ve felt in a long time. I love you Lord. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for who you are, what you’ve done, and all that you’ve given me. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Thanks for being on this journey with us,

Kierra & Family – all 5 of us :) 

If you’ve experienced a miscarriage and God’s encouragement or hope through it, I’d love for you to comment and share below. Other moms may be super blessed by it!

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6 Weeks Pregnancy Tips for an Awesome Pregnancy with God!

Whoohoo, you’re 6 weeks now!

In today’s video we pray for baby’s development, talk about how you want to approach this pregnancy, how to rest well and enjoy this season, and some natural remedies for heartburn.

Some great questions to think about this week as you spend time with God:

*What kind of mom do I want to be during this pregnancy? 

*God, what are you calling me to during this pregnancy?

*God, how do you want me to position myself and my mind and heart during this pregnancy?

If you’re struggling a bit to hear God or feel confident that it’s Him talking to you when you ask Him these questions, I encourage you to read my blog: How to Hear God’s Voice For Your Birth. 

I also talk about resting well and honoring this first trimester in the video above. This is so important to fully ENJOY the gift that God created pregnancy to be. For more encouragement and truth in this area, check out my blog Slowing Down and Enjoying the Gifts of Pregnancy and Womanhood. 

Ok, that’s all for this week! Bless you and I’ll see you at 7 Weeks!

Much love,


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5 Weeks Pregnant- How to Prepare for an Awesome Pregnancy and Birth With God!


Whoohoo, congrats on your pregnancy! I am so excited for you and I look forward to walking this journey with you and giving you week by week encouragement and tips for an awesome pregnancy and birth with God. 

Like I said in the video above, I encourage you to get a journal this week and head out on your first baby date with God!

Here are some of the questions I love to ask Him on my baby dates:

  • What is your heart for this baby?
  • What does this baby carry? (i.e. joy, peace, strength, a heart of compassion, etc)
  • What are ways you want me to start praying for this baby?
  • What is your heart for this pregnancy?
  • Is there a certain attitude or posture you want me to take for this pregnancy?
  • Are there certain Scriptures or promises you are speaking over this baby? Over their life? Over this pregnancy? Over the birth?

Enjoy your time with Him – I know it will be powerful and encouraging!

And if you haven’t already started taking a prenatal vitamin yet, it’s time to start! I recommend taking a food-based vitamin instead of a synthetic one. 

I personally take Thorne Research Basic Prenatal Vitamin and love it. 

Also, here is a great blog by Mama Natural on comparisons between other food-based prenatal vitamins if you want to look at some other brands.

And it’s also a great time to start taking Prenatal DHA for baby’s brain development. I love this brand and take it daily throughout my pregnancy: Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA

Ok, that’s all for this week! Bless you sweet mama as you embark on this beautiful journey!

Excited to journey with you,


Click here to go to your 6 Week Pregnancy Encouragement!