20|Kierra: A Heavenly Birth

May you be so encouraged as my husband and I share our second birth story – our Heavenly Birth! I enjoyed this labor so much that I almost didn’t want it to end. I could feel God’s sweet presence and love washing over me in wave after wave throughout the entire labor. All I could keep saying was, “Wow, this feels so good! I just love this!” I truly experienced the gift that God created childbirth to be for us! We are not under a curse in childbearing. We are Read More

19| Kayleigh: A Pain-Free, Presence-filled Birth!

Kayleigh’s wonderful homebirth was saturated with the sweet presence of God, His love and goodness. When the contractions started to feel painful part way through the labor, her husband took authority over them, commanding them to come in line with the Word of God and to contract without pain. The pain immediately left and Kayleigh received a beautiful pain-free birth. I pray your heart is so encouraged by her story! You can connect with Kayleigh at [email protected] or www.arrowsinhishand.com And here are some of the resources we talked about: Happy Read More

18| Kierra: God’s Goodness in a Birth with Unexpected Turns

            In today’s episode, I share MY first birth story with my husband as a special guest on the show! Even though this birth didn’t go as planned and I had to be induced at the hospital, it still ended up being one of the BEST experiences of my life! I pray you are encouraged by the ways we experienced God even in the midst of a birth that didn’t go as I had hoped. And that our story empowers YOU to experience His goodness Read More

Living in God’s Rest through Pregnancy, Birth, & Motherhood

There is a special place of REST available to us today – even as tired, busy moms! I pray that the keys in this video empower you to step into His rest today so that you can fully enjoy the season you are in! May none of us miss out on the rest available to us today that Jesus paid for!!!! You got this mama!!! Love, Kierra

17| Natalie: How God Turns a Difficult Labor into a Supernatural Pain-Free Birth!

Natalie shares the fun details of her birth like picking up flowers and a plant for their baby on the way to the hospital, but also the hard moments when the pain got to be more than she could bear. And then the glorious moment when God’s peace and presence filled her car on the way to the hospital and how He gave her a pain-free experience for the rest of the birth! Her story will inspire your heart, encourage your faith, and bring joy and laughter to your day. Read More