16| Edwina: A Supernatural Unexpected Birth at 35 Weeks!

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Edwina shares her beautiful journey of surrendering her fears during a long season of trying to conceive, trusting God for a supernatural birth throughout the pregnancy, and then an unexpected birth at 35 weeks! Even though the birth didn’t go as she had planned, she still experienced God’s faithfulness and goodness and the supernatural birth she had prayed for! God is so good! So faithful!

Here are links to the resources mentioned in today’s episode:

Supernatural Childbirth – A book that encouraged Edwina’s faith as she made declarations and believed God for a supernatural birth.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – A wonderful book from our nation’s leading midwife as she explains how to naturally work with the beautiful way your body was designed to labor and birth.

Kingdom Childbirth Class – My online birth class that prepares you naturally and spiritually for a beautiful birth with God as you learn to partner with Him through each stage of labor and birth.

Understanding Your Fertility Class – My online class that helps you understand the beautiful way God designed your body as a woman and how to partner with that design to naturally prevent or try for a baby. You’ll also learn how to know when you are starting to fertile again after having your baby!

I pray you are so blessed by Edwina’s story today and these resources!

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