14| Kaylan: A Heavenly Birth in a Foreign Country

14 Kaylan

God met Kaylan in a profound way during her pregnancy and went before her each step of the way. She was living in a foreign country where she didn’t speak the language, and while she debated flying home for the birth, she chose to trust God and stay instead of letting fear lead her decisions.

He blessed her with a beautiful, heavenly birth, answering all the prayers and desires of her heart!

Her birth was a testimony to the birth workers and doctor there. The midwives commented afterwards that they didn’t all need to stay in the room during the birth, but no one wanted to leave because they all wanted to watch this heavenly birth. They weren’t used to seeing births like this!  They got to witness the goodness of God and what His Kingdom is like through Kaylan’s birth. 

I pray you’re so blessed by her story! 

You can connect with Kaylan at [email protected] 

And here is the link to my Online Kingdom Birth Class that she took that helped prepare her for her heavenly birth. I’d love to welcome you to the class too! It’s a birth class that partners the natural and supernatural to empower you for a beautiful birth with God!

To your beautiful birth,


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