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“Surrender” was the theme the Lord kept putting on Melissa’s heart as she prepared for the birth of her first son. So throughout the pregnancy, she sought to bring to Him and surrender each situation that arose, all her plans, and the desires of her heart. 

As she leaned into Him and trusted Him each step of the way, He blessed her with a beautiful pain-free birth that exceeded her dreams. It was such a lavish love gift from Him that she says she’s still not over it to this day. 

I pray you are encouraged and blessed by her story, knowing that God has a beautiful love gift to pour out on you as well during your own birth!

You can connect with Melissa at [email protected] and here are the resources she recommended: 

Kingdom Childbirth Class – My online class that Melissa took that dives into God’s heart for birth and how to partner with Him throughout the labor to enjoy the gift that He created birth to be!

Redeeming Childbirth – A book filled with wonderful birth testimonies that Melissa gleaned a lot from even before getting pregnant. 

The Christian Childbirth Handbook – Another book Melissa read that has lots of great nuts and bolts for labor.

The Business of Being Born – A great documentary on birth in different settings and the pros and cons of each (hospital, homebirth, birth center). It’s a must-watch for all expecting mamas!

More on the Business of Being Born – A sequel to the first documentary with even more great birth info!

Mama Natural – Another believing mama who has great birth testimonies and whole site dedicated to helping women have a natural, healthy pregnancy and birth. She’s awesome!

I pray you are so blessed by Melissa’s story and these resources! 

To your beautiful birth,


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